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Agile and the cloud: a driving force

A key factor driving Agile approaches is the tidal wave of new technology that can support your organisation, your people and your customers.

Cloud solutions are providing off-the-shelf tools that can be set up and deployed quickly to meet the needs of Agile business projects. This is impacting both on solution development and within the DevOps field. Coding technology is now allowing faster software prototyping and development that enables the production of working software in an iterative and co-operative manner with users. Feedback is faster, developments are quicker and the end product is more relevant.

These advances in technology are allowing businesses to move away from a pure focus on building from the ground up. Instead, they can start to focus more on solving the business issues and dealing with changing business environments, using Agile approaches to move quickly to solutions and benefits realisation.

As technology and Cloud solutions advance and mature, this trend will continue at an increasingly rapid pace. As a result, business leaders need to find ways to ensure that their business is responding to the competitive challenges they face, whilst at the same time leveraging the opportunities that are being presented.

Key to adopting Agile is to work out how to improve what already exists and introducing Agile in a well-informed and tailored manner, based on what your business needs to achieve and where you need to improve. If you can get to grips with that challenge, then all the benefits of Agile are out there and primed to equip you for commercial success.

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