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Future of Retail & E-commerce Q3 2023
Grow your business by exporting online with UK Government support
Selling products and services online enables businesses to easily reach a global audience, removing traditional barriers and levelling the playing field for smaller firms. The UK is one of the world leaders in ecommerce, being the third most-shopped market for international online purchases, behind only China and the US.1 Clearly, there is a huge demand … Continued
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Customer advocacy: why it’s the key to sustainable growth
Businesses are urged to adopt an advocacy-first mindset to help them grow sustainably and navigate the challenges presented by the economy and AI. Brands are finding it increasingly difficult to achieve profitability through spiralling acquisition costs and diminishing customer loyalty. However, an industry expert believes ecommerce businesses that nurture customer advocacy will grow sustainably. Brands … Continued
Future of Retail Q1 2022
How independent retailers can adjust with rising costs across the supply chain
Rising fuel costs and supply chain price hikes are leading to inevitable price rises for retailers. However, there are steps that can be put in place for hard-pressed independents. With the soaring cost of energy prices, fuel and the supply chain, it’s no wonder that small independent businesses are going to be facing a huge … Continued