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A smart ordering platform helps FMCG brands reach thousands of new trade outlets

An innovative app brings together brands, wholesalers and traditional trade outlets to grow sales and profits through increased data visibility all along the distribution layers. More than half of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) businesses rely on sales generated by traditional trade outlets. Pernod Ricard decided to build a new venture, helping brands from any company … Continued
Happy people doing grocery shopping online and shopping smartphone app: technology, retail and communication concept

Customer advocacy: why it’s the key to sustainable growth

Businesses are urged to adopt an advocacy-first mindset to help them grow sustainably and navigate the challenges presented by the economy and AI. Brands are finding it increasingly difficult to achieve profitability through spiralling acquisition costs and diminishing customer loyalty. However, an industry expert believes ecommerce businesses that nurture customer advocacy will grow sustainably. Brands … Continued

The future of retail: seamless, personalised, sustainable, meaningful shopping experiences

The way people shop is constantly changing. To keep consumers engaged, the retail sector must employ new and sustainable solutions that can improve the shopping experience. The retail landscape is rapidly evolving, with paradigm shifts in how customers shop and engage with products; the unbeatable growth of conscious commerce and peer-to-peer buying/selling platforms; the transformative … Continued