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If you want to see a test of how quickly customers need to get their hands on goods and services, watch a bunch of kids waiting to begin trampolining. Any friction between walking in and the fun starting can seem like an eternity.

Hence, Sage Pay has worked with Jump In trampoline parks to work on a fast, frictionless payment system that can work remotely with online bookings and customer services representatives, as well as onsite payment terminals and kiosks located in each of the company’s nine UK parks.

An instance increase in customer service

For Miranda Ray, the company’s Head of Sales and Marketing, the results have been transformative.

“Feedback from our customers initially has been brilliant. It has saved time, it’s very simple and efficient to use. The integration of software and payment systems means they’re grabbing their socks, getting their wristbands and watching our safety video in around a 40% to 50% time saving.”

Technology is helping future expansion

Crucially, Ray explains, the relationship is not only allowing the business to offer an improved customer service today but is offering just the kind of technology and access to expertise it needs to fulfil an ambitious plan for growth.

We’re looking now to work with Roller and Sage Pay with cashless parks.

“And also, the ability for parents to utilise wearable technology, where they can load up a wristband with some money that their children can spend in the park while they’re here, especially as we diversify our product slightly to go into areas such as climbing and abseiling.

“If you were to take the technology away, the speed of service, the improved experience could not keep up with the development of the facilities of the park and that would not enable us to continue to be a market leader in the trampoline industry.”

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