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Erik Fjellborg

CEO & Founder, Quinyx

One positive to come from the cataclysm that has hit the world this year: much needed change in the workplace. Flexibility, trust, empowerment and communications will be the key to success.

Between February and May 2020, Quinyx conducted a survey of 2,400 deskless workers, across the UK, to get insights about their work and wellbeing, both before and during the pandemic. We found out that three areas need attention urgently: flexibility, control and communication.

Of those polled, 30% said they had left a job because of a lack of flexibility. 63% told us that they had missed social events or holiday celebrations because of inflexible schedules – a number rising to 68% for workers under 44.

Lack of control over schedules, financial concerns and worries over job security are also having a negative impact on mental wellbeing; 37% said their job had negatively impacted their mental health within the past 12 months. During the crisis, this number rocketed to 52%.

Empower your workers with the flexibility they crave, trust them to carry on powering your business while working from home.

No work-life balance

These numbers tell us that there is a widespread issue affecting employees – both deskless and office-based – across industries: the lack of a work-life balance. People’s jobs aren’t slotting into their lives; they have to constrict their lives to do their job by interweaving personal time when it fits with their work schedule.

This is a sad reality, but thankfully one that we can change together. If anything positive is to come out of the cataclysm that has rocked the world over the past six months, this new awareness is it. Listen to your employees. Empower them. Trust them. Help them restore the balance.

Flexibility is a currency

Empower your workers with the flexibility they crave, trust them to carry on powering your business while working from home. Allow them to work while looking after their children – and to organise their time as is best for them and their families. Allow your shift workers to openly discuss their needs and wants with you, initiate that dialogue, try to accommodate, compromise, innovate. The winners will be those who can adapt.

Happy workforce = happy business

In the words of Aristotle, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” It is a known fact that happy workers are more productive. Reducing staff turnover, increasing productivity and effectively worked time are some of the efficiencies leading to a healthier workplace – and a financially better off business.

Tech is an enabler, not a magic potion

Overall, stronger integration of work within your employees’ personal lives is what you should aim for. Tech can help by allowing quick and easy shift scheduling, setting up efficient communications tools, limiting the admin time spent by HR for payroll, and more. But, only with a mentality geared towards change and putting your employees first, will you truly succeed and take your business forward to the world of tomorrow.

Workforce management tech will help you bring change and offer people options. Work from your flat, from an office, from your relatives’ home because you want to spend Christmas with them. Organise your shifts during term-time so you can spend the summer with your children. Your employees are all unique.

An advanced forecasting tool can allow you to cater for each of their individual needs while saving time, money and improving their wellbeing. But ultimately, you are the one making the rules. The decisions are yours. And, only you, have the power to make positive change happen for your teams and restore the balance in the lives of those working with you.

Research was conducted by Censuswide in two stages:

Between 11.03.2020-23.03.2020 with 1,200 deskless workers, who work an hourly schedule in the following sectors: retail, hospitality and tourism, shipping/distribution, healthcare and social assistance, transportation and warehousing. And between 22.04.2020-04.05.2020 with 1,205 deskless UK workers in the same sectors. Censuswide abide by and employ members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles.

What is Quinyx?

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