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Anup Khera

VP and GM of International, Attentive 

The way businesses communicate with consumers is changing with text messaging tools opening the door to increased sales and customer happiness.

The interactive people-driven experiences that come as a result of text messages that are sent between businesses and consumers are a form of conversation commerce. All of these messages have the potential to build on the relationship between a consumer and the brand they are interested in purchasing from. The messages are can contain limited time offers, new product announcements or be more transactional like sharing when a product has shipped.

Targeted, relevant communication method

Text messaging is more targeted and relevant than email communications, and it is a wanted channel, as opposed to email where consumers get a lot of emails, they never actually said they wanted. The key is the principle of consent, which is in contrast to emails where the average consumer receives hundreds of unsolicited emails per day and can be hard to reach.

It’s notable, for example, that in 2021, just 0.6% of emails were being clicked on, with text messaging proving at least 20 times more effective for reaching customers.

Attentive uses text messages to facilitate communication between businesses and their customers.

Benefits to companies of all sizes

Attentive is a six-year old, US based, personalised mobile message company. It provides text-message based communication services for brands, predominantly in retail and e-commerce. Through its platform more than over 1 billion messages are sent and received each month. In 2021, the company began enabling UK brands to send text messages to their consumers.

Attentive uses text messages to facilitate communication between businesses and their customers. This might involve a marketing message, for example, or a real time message to a customer about a transaction. It is a service that can benefit an entrepreneur with a small DTC brand, or large public companies with billions in sales. Consumers only receive messages from brands that they have signed up for, unlike email or TV advertising.

Increase in online sales

The UK has the second highest mobile commerce penetration of retail sales globally, making text messaging an easy and obvious way to reach engaged consumers. Getting stated with Attentive is quick and straightforward and customers can expect to drive approximately $55 for every $1 spent on the platform. In addition to increased revenue, brands benefit from sending their loyal customers messages they want, resulting in more engagement and increased lifetime value.

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