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Molecular structure background. Abstract background with molecule DNA. Geometric shape with hexagons
Future of Healthcare and Pain Management Q3 2023

How will AI technologies be adopted in health and care?

While adoption of AI in healthcare is undeniably complex, AI has the potential to tackle some of the NHS’s most pressing issues. There has been an explosion of interest in artificial intelligence (AI), in part due to large language models, such as ChatGPT. As the innovation arm of the NHS, the AHSN Network is engaging … Continued
Doctor working on digital tablet on hospital background
Future of Healthcare and Pain Management Q3 2023

From innovation to export: how to develop transatlantic healthtech partnerships

From medical devices to diagnostic tools and digital health solutions, healthtech is an industry that continues to flourish through the development of patient-focused products and services. The UK has a rich history of life science innovation, with many thousands of small and medium-sized healthtech companies operating across the country. Expanding the reach of healthtech solutions … Continued