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Tina Williams

Co-Founder, Scanomat UK

How a high-end touchless coffee machine is turning the premium coffee experience from an executive perk into a source of workplace wellbeing for all employees.

Thousands of valued employees are returning to offices offering a new perk – fresh coffee brewed exactly to suit their taste, ordered COVID safe through an app.

“Offering a personalised coffee experience, touchless via a single tap of a smartphone, or by voice control with Siri, is a practical way for organisations to show they value the health and wellbeing of employees and can help attract and retain new talent,” says Tina Williams, co-founder of Scanomat UK & Ireland.

“Hundreds of clients have installed our TopBrewer touchless coffee machine ready for employees’ return to the office. It is becoming the solution of choice in the workplace. There is also high demand in the co-working, co-living and hospitality sectors.”

Scanomat’s TopBrewer bean-to-cup coffee machines are hidden under-counter, with just a swan neck tap on view, making them popular with architects and interior designers. “You can order through a counter-mounted iPad, but it’s the capacity to order by phone app that means COVID-aware organisations are queueing to install TopBrewer. We pioneered touchless coffee 10 years ago but it has never been more relevant,” says Williams.

In the UK, 44% of coffee consumed out of home is drunk in workplaces and the amount of coffee we drink, as well as the quality expectation, is increasing.

Third most vital workplace facility

Employees rated coffee and tea facilities third in importance, after desks and chairs in research by global employee experience consultants Leesman.

This is borne out by Scanomat research, where 90% of respondents said that TopBrewer could improve their overall workplace experience.

Premium coffee and more

Today, any old coffee will not do. “Now all generations expect speciality coffee,” says Williams. “We’re all connoisseurs.” TopBrewer uses beans directly sourced from farmers by Scanomat’s Amokka Coffee Roasters, for traceability and sustainability. Scanomat found that 92% of respondents said the TopBrewer user experience was better, when compared to conventional tabletop premium bean-to-cup machines.

The TopBrewer tap can also deliver steaming hot water, hot chocolate, and even still and sparkling water. A second product also delivers juices and flavoured water, reducing the problem of bottle recycling.

Williams says: “From being a high-end perk for executives and VIPs, premium coffee is becoming a wellbeing benefit for everyone.”

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