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Khang Thai

Senior Global Marketing Esports Manager, Razer

The esports industry remains strong. Viewership continues to grow, standards are rising and exciting games are on the horizon, making it a valuable marketing channel for brands.

Is the esports hype over? In short, no. Sure, brands that have spent millions on esports partnerships over the years are cutting budgets, teams are disbanding and publishers are deprioritising esports efforts. However, esports is among the most captivating industries in the world and is an undeniable marketing channel for those looking to tap into the $1.87 billion gaming industry. I’m bullish on the future of esports. Here’s why: 

Viewership is growing 

League of Legends, among the most popular esports games globally, is in its 13th season and its viewership numbers have grown, approximately 10% year-on-year (YOY), to roughly 5.15 million viewers in 2022. The VALORANT Champions Tour peak viewership exploded by a staggering 30% from 2021 to 2022, and viewership for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championships has grown 12% YOY hitting 4.2 million this past M4 tournament.

Esports organisations can
add massive value to brands.

Fighting for higher standards 

For years, FaZe Clan and Team SoloMid (TSM) have been the esports operating model. Their respective teams produce great content and are strong contenders with loyal, engaged followers. Yet, FaZe Holding’s stock plummeted 98% this year when investors defaulted on a large sum of money, and TSM’s naming partner Futures Exchange (FTX) filed for bankruptcy. These examples expose that esports businesses can’t run on hype alone; they need fundamental business acumen to operate more responsibly and effectively. 

Great esports games are coming 

At Evo 2023, the biggest fighting game esports event, Riot Games unveiled their new fighter, codename Project L. Similarly, Valve teased Counter-Strike 2 and is beta testing an update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that’s been in development for a decade. Community reaction is strong, and gamers are hungry for these releases; just two examples of publishers continuing to put players first — building competitive titles their communities will love.  

Esports organisations can add massive value to brands. Especially for those looking to tap into gaming, investing in esports is not an easy choice. However, with a long-term strategy, it’s a way to reach an engaged and impressionable audience.

Esports is a part of Razer’s DNA. We made our mark building products that give pro players a competitive edge, and we continue to invest in and sponsor esports teams that share their expertise and shape our products for professional and casual gamers alike.  

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