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Jim Borg (pictured)

President, PakTech

From the product to its packaging, UK consumers’ purchasing decisions are increasingly influenced by the sustainability performance and environmental footprint of the goods they buy.

Made from 100% recycled HDPE, reusable and infinitely recyclable, PakTech handles help businesses to meet consumers’ sustainability expectations without having to compromise on the practical benefits of plastic.

Biodegradable options aren’t always as environmentally friendly as they seem

While the consumer demand for sustainable solutions have made alternative packaging solutions more attractive, not everyone is aware of the environmental impacts of each material they perceive to be more sustainable. 

Take packaging made of bio-degradable or compostable plastic for example. Contrary to popular belief, such material does not break down in your home compost pile, rubbish dumps or landfills. In order to break them down, they must be treated at industrial facilities at very high heat and, in the UK, most of them end up being processed as general waste1.

HDPE is our material of choice because it is one of the most easily and widely recycled plastic. Once recycled, PakTech handles take on a new life and can be turned into pipes, flowerpots, benches and much more. They are also fit to be processed by the UK’s current waste management and treatment infrastructure with 92% of UK councils2 collecting HDPE bottles for recycling.

By using recycled HDPE sourced primarily from used milk jugs, we have kept over a half billion milk jugs out of landfills.

Environmental responsibility are on par with practical needs

PakTech handles have durable, lightweight, water-resistant, hygienic and low volume properties. Perhaps the most important for brands and supermarkets is that our handles help prevent slippage (meaning loss of inventory due to products becoming loose), by keeping each unit secure.

PakTech handles are made of 100% recycled HDPE, greatly reducing environmental impacts compared to using virgin plastic – it uses 90% less energy and 100% less petroleum, reducing the need extract additional raw materials.

By using recycled HDPE sourced primarily from used milk jugs, we have kept over a half billion milk jugs out of landfills, equivalent to over 27 million kgs of plastic waste. Furthermore, we are proud to say that as of Q2 of 2020, PakTech has kept a total of 31,334,295kg of plastic in weight out of our lands and oceans.

We have worked hard to achieve these results and know that both our customers and UK consumers can choose our simple, sustainable and smart secondary packaging with confidence.

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