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Sustainable healthcare Q2 2022

The value of innovation in achieving sustainability goals

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Helen Dent

Chief Operating Officer, BIVDA

Innovation is paramount and is an opportunity to further strengthen UK based and global manufacturers who are established in the UK with a competitive advantage from competition by working more sustainably.

Moving towards a more sustainable healthcare system in the UK will reduce carbon emissions and help to mitigate the impact of the climate crisis. It will also improve the health of the entire population. The environmental and societal aspects of the world have a direct impact on our health and affect long-term conditions.

Strengthening UK innovation

The diagnostics industry in the UK is innovative and is leading in the identification and diagnosis of some of the world’s deadliest diseases and health conditions.

Key to manufacturing working more sustainably is ensuring the sector understands what net zero and social value is and how it is being evaluated. They will then know how to maximise activity to maximise scoring to be successful in tenders by signposting members to support mechanisms to deliver within the organisations.

Committing to social value and net zero goals

In a price driven market, by committing to and delivering on UK and global goals for social value and net zero, UK suppliers can level the playing field and secure a competitive edge by leading the way on their sustainability contribution, now this is carrying a significant score in tenders.

The environmental and societal aspects of the world have a direct impact on our health and effect long-term conditions.

Supply chain resilience is now a procurement driver, so UK based suppliers have significant advantages to offer the health sector. The carbon footprint in terms of miles travelled is significantly reduced with UK manufactured products.

The future of UK diagnostics is reliant on aligning with the UK goals. Therefore, providing resources and tools to suppliers is a value offering, so they can meet these expectations.

Measuring and evidencing goals

There are multiple social value evaluation models, so understanding these and mapping out an organisations ethos, core values and mission statement across the various models, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ensures that suppliers can be versatile when responding to tender bids.

It is not enough now to just post a corporate social responsibility policy, social value must be measurable and evidenced.

The same can be said for net zero. Suppliers need to calculate their carbon footprint, but this needs to be so much more than just a number. Organisations need to get to the root of their processes and identify, set targets and deliver actions to reduce their carbon emissions.

At BIVDA, we are providing members with a sustainability resource hub. All the requirements they need to deliver against, to be successful in bidding for UK tenders, is clearly mapped out with solutions, suggestions and resources on how to achieve them.

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