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Sustainable Business 2019

How your business can be more sustainable

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Get a smart meter

  • Smart meters help you to keep an eye on your energy usage and will automatically send accurate readings to your energy supplier. For more info visit: Smart Energy GB or speak to your energy supplier directly about getting an installation.

Encourage recycling

  • On average 60 to 80% of office waste is paper. Find a recycling waste contractor at and use designated areas, clearly labelled bins and containers for specific materials.

You could qualify for ‘green tax’ relief

  • Your business may qualify for reliefs or exemptions from some taxes if: you use a lot of energy because of the nature of your business; if you’re a small business that doesn’t use much energy; or if you buy energy-efficient technology for your business. Visit for more details.

Use greener transport

  • Save up to £300,000 and 250 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year with the Energy Saving Trust’s Fleet Support Scheme. Visit for more details. Emissions can also be cut by reducing unnecessary employee travel and encouraging alternative ways of working, such as using conferencing software.

Engage with your employees

  • Studies have found visual imagery generates emotional cues and is more effective than words or numbers at getting workers to change their minds about energy usage. More info available at Smart Energy GB and Carbon Trust employers’ guide.

Lose the plastic

  • Encourage the use of/provide reusable mugs and plates on your business premises to reduce your one-use plastic consumption and waste levels.

Install energy efficient appliances

Get involved in Green GB Week 2019, which runs from 4-8 November. Find out more at

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