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Tim McDougle

Executive Vice President, EMEA & Global Life Science Solutions

Launch of innovative filter cartridge boosts sustainability and offers cost savings for laboratories using ultra-pure water systems.

An innovation in ultra-pure water technology that reduces carbon emissions by up to 90% and saves users 20% on each filter cartridge, is being launched by laboratory supplies company Avidity Science.

Reusable cartridges boost laboratory efforts

“This new technology will help laboratories using ultra-pure water for research to achieve carbon reduction and reach sustainability goals while saving money,” says Tim McDougle, Executive Vice-President, EMEA and Global Life Science Solutions. “The industry has been talking about reusable cartridges for 30 years, and now, they are here.”

The company patented a new plastic cartridge design, which can be returned to them for reuse instead of being discarded for landfill. The cartridge is designed for use in the Avidity SoloTM S system, which includes a reusable metal-based alternative to activated carbon media, to produce up to 10L of Type-1 ultra-pure water daily from a tap water feed.

The industry has been talking about reusable
cartridges for 30 years, and now, they are here.

Significant waste and cost reduction

The new cartridges contribute to plastic waste reduction and include an indicator that shows when they need replacing (typically after six months). Users joining the company’s recycling scheme can return spent cartridges and receive replacements at a discounted cost.

McDougle says: “The typical life of an Avidity SoloTM S system is 10 years, and many laboratories have multiple systems. A user buying an annual pack of six consumables, for instance, would normally be buying 60 newly created cartridges a decade. However, using reusable cartridges can reduce that to 12.”

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