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Small British company has a light bulb moment


Philip Shadbolt

Zeta Specialist Lighting

A small British company has come up with an ingenious idea that revolutionises how we think about light bulbs.

Zeta Specialist Lighting is an innovative electronic design company for solar powered and LED lighting. The company started out developing products for the automotive sector before exploring solar power and LED lighting. Its technology is used in solar powered bus stops. 

“Currently most long life bulbs come from China. They are fluorescent, flicker and take a long time to warm up. They also often contain mercury, which is harmful, and produces a quality of light that people don’t like” explains Philip Shadbolt, founder of Zeta Specialist Lighting.

Zeta had the idea to design, test and manufacture a world-beating energy efficient light bulb and spotted a Technology Strategy Board’s Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition inspired by a Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) call to encourage households to reduce carbon emissions. This presented Zeta Controls with both the opportunity of product development and the chance to open up new markets.

With the best cost, performance and technology in the world, the Zeta light bulb is expected not only to cut carbon emissions but to create jobs and boost the UK economy. 

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