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Ali Beresford

Inclusion and Diversity Manager, Nestlé UK and Ireland

Respect is at the heart of our culture at Nestlé, and culture is incredibly important to us. If everyone feels respected and is thriving at work, we can keep making a positive difference.

We expect everyone at Nestlé to demonstrate respect and behave inclusively. It’s who we are. Fostering a positive culture wouldn’t be possible without everyone in the business taking action. Our networks are instrumental in guiding Nestlé towards an inclusive environment, where each person can thrive. We believe everyone deserves to feel safe, respected and included as their authentic selves. 

Colleague networks supporting communities 

We have six colleague networks, each of which has a Board-level sponsor. They work hard to hold Nestlé accountable for our commitment to diversity and inclusion, educate and raise awareness and support the communities they represent.   

Our networks cover gender equity, parenting, disability, LGBT+, women in operations and eradicating racism. The Gender Equity Network recently worked directly with senior leaders to continue conversations on gender bias to promote inclusive leadership.  

Following feedback from employees, we have introduced new policies and guidance such as gender-neutral family leave and flexible Bank Holiday exchange. Our Eradicating Racism Network hosted an open day to inspire students from disadvantaged socioeconomic and ethnically diverse backgrounds to provide career inspiration in the industry.

As well as the organisational and societal
changes networks bring about, there are
real day-to-day benefits for members. 

Organisation-wide effort to create societal change 

As well as the organisational and societal changes networks bring about, there are real day-to-day benefits for members. The sense of community is powerful; not to mention the opportunity to engage with senior members in our business as we evolve the way we do things.  

Rochelle Hewitt, a co-chair of Nestlé’s Eradicating Racism Network, says: “I’m proud of the strides we have taken to challenge and educate colleagues to accelerate inclusion and create a diverse and anti-racist organisation.  

“The support we’ve had has been crucial in making sure our voices are heard through all levels of the organisation. With our shared determination and passion, we consistently set and surpass goals that allow us to influence the wider Nestlé business.” 

Where does the next KitKat or jar of Nescafé come from? How do we accelerate our sustainability work and protect our planet for future generations? Without our people, their ideas, their passion and their individuality, there is no next KitKat — and no progress on the sustainability agenda. If we create a respectful, inclusive culture in which everyone at Nestlé can bring their best and full selves to work, we can use our scale as an incredible force for good.   

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