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Charlie Hayward

Organisational Development Lead, National Grid ESO

In Summer 2024, a new, independent public corporation will be responsible for planning Britain’s electricity and gas networks and operating the electricity system.

This year marks our landmark transition from National Grid ESO to National Energy System Operator (NESO). Our commitment to fostering an inclusive culture will stand as a cornerstone for our new organisation.

At the heart of this transformation, purposeful leadership guides our endeavours, bolstered by robust employee engagement strategies, inclusive recruitment practices and a steadfast embrace of diversity. 

Purposeful leadership in energy 

In the foundational stages of NESO’s establishment, purposeful leadership will set the tone for inclusivity from the top down. Leaders within our organisation are responsible for championing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, embedding them into strategic decision-making processes and organisational policies.

Zoe Morrissey, National Grid ESO Belonging Executive Sponsor, says: “We, as leaders, are responsible for driving the inclusion agenda at the top level and must lead by example for the rest of the organisation. By articulating a clear vision of inclusivity, we can inspire trust, foster collaboration and empower our employees to contribute their unique perspectives.”

Employee engagement 

Central to our efforts in cultivating an inclusive culture is robust employee engagement. We recognise that every individual within our organisation will play a vital role in shaping collective success. Through open communication channels, regular feedback mechanisms and opportunities for professional development, we foster a sense of belonging and ownership among employees. 

Attracting and recruiting
diverse talent is paramount.

Attraction and recruitment 

As we continue the transition process, attracting and recruiting diverse talent is paramount. We are implementing proactive strategies to attract candidates from diverse backgrounds, including targeted recruitment campaigns, partnerships with diverse professional organisations and inclusive hiring practices. By prioritising diversity in our hiring processes, we will enrich our talent pool, bringing together individuals with a wide range of experiences, perspectives and skills. 

Embracing diversity 

As we transition to NESO, we will continue to celebrate diversity as a source of strength and resilience. We recognise that embracing diversity goes beyond representation; it requires the creation of an inclusive environment where all voices are heard, valued and respected.

Through structured DEI training programmes, our Belonging Forum and Employee Resource Groups, we foster a culture of belonging where employees feel empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. Embracing diversity in all its forms will allow us to unlock the full potential of our workforce during this period of organisational change. 

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