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Miriam Schneider

Behavioural Scientist, CoachHub

We may think D&I is a no-brainer in the modern workplace, but why are we so far behind? What can we do to ensure long-lasting behavioural change? CoachHub may have the answers.

Employees and managers alike believe that increased diversity improves company culture, leadership, and innovation. But how can organisations show employees that you plan to walk the walk and not just talk the talk?

Why are we so behind with diversity and inclusion?

These are momentous times. While real change takes years, maybe even generations, to truly become embedded in our psyches, it’s hard to see the past few years as anything other than a watershed moment in our history.

From the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo protest movements, to broad and open discussions about the gender pay gap and accurate representation throughout the organisation, these conversations are more widespread and observable than ever before.

The moral and business need for diverse and inclusive workforces

We’re a long, long way from equality. Minorities – be they of gender, race, ability or sexuality – may argue that we’ve experienced these potentially pivotal moments before and nothing has changed. That may well be the case. But something feels different this time around.

Maybe it’s because these uncomfortable conversations and essential mass movements are coming so thick and fast. It could be because the internet has democratised success like never before, allowing those who’ve been subdued or overlooked to succeed in their own terms. Or are companies of all sizes finally realizing that remaining so culturally and racially homogenous is simply bad for business?

The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for momentous change across everything, from where we work and play, to how we travel and socialise.

It has made us aware of our connection with both the planet and each other. Maybe it can also serve as the impetus to create better and more diverse workforces. It’s in everyone’s interest that it does.

The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for momentous change across everything, from where we work and play, to how we travel and socialise.

Actions you can take for long-lasting behavioural change

CoachHub’s new whitepaper dives into the case for increasing diversity and inclusion within organisations and provides some practical tips for creating a diverse and inclusive culture within your organisation, including a preview of their D&I framework. This research from CoachHub also highlights the important role that coaching, and digital coaching in particular, can play in sowing the seeds for that positive change.

You will learn:

Why globalisation and advances in technology are increasing the need for more progressive D&I initiatives
The role of belonging and uniqueness in embracing diversity and creating and inclusive culture
How digital coaching can help you create a culture of diversity and inclusion

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