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Ciara Keeling

CEO, Bruntwood Works

The ways people want to work are changing and the demand for flexibility, wellbeing and community is shaping the workspace of tomorrow. So, what will the future of work look like?

We are witnessing the evolution of the workspace. Now, it is all about creating blended spaces for work and lifestyle. Our customers are telling us they want vibrant and collaborative places that allow them to build connections and develop synergies to strengthen relationships. 

We were responding to this fundamental shift in ways of working long before the pandemic hit, but what we have really learned over the last year is how much value people place on social interaction and sharing new experiences with others. A strong culture underpins everything and drives productivity.

Facilitating effective collaboration and connections has never been more important and we want to create spaces and places where businesses can truly work together to build effective co-created communities, which ultimately enable us to create thriving cities. 

Flexible and hybrid working

In recent years, we have seen customers consume space differently and work in increasingly more flexible and ‘on demand’ ways. 

This means they can not only work from anywhere to suit the needs of the task, but they can also collaborate and connect with a wider community, which encourages innovation. We are committed to empowering people to choose the space that suits their needs, which is why we provide on demand, all-inclusive space to support flexible working. 

In summer 2021, we introduced our new ‘Pay as You Go’ (PAYG) service, offering day passes for our coworking spaces across the North West and the Midlands.

Across all buildings, people can book areas in shared lounges, a dedicated desk space or meeting rooms via the Bruntwood Works website, or they can simply arrive in the building and book at reception.

In summer 2021, we introduced our new ‘Pay as You Go’ (PAYG) service, offering day passes for our coworking spaces.

The importance of wellbeing 

Human-centric environments with wellbeing at their heart are vital, and we are seeing huge demand from businesses for these ‘third space’ features. 

As part of our Pioneer programme – a £100 million project to create forward-thinking, community-focused workspaces – you’ll find bespoke designs based on six key themes: amenity, wellbeing, biophilia, technology, sustainability and art.

These premises feature leafy rooftop terraces and restaurants, ground floor coffee shops, wellbeing spaces such as gyms and yoga studios and immersive events spaces. 

Our latest Pioneer building, Bloc, is designed to improve workplace wellbeing and boost productivity, with features including a yoga studio by FORM, sleep pods to recharge your batteries, and a café from local independent Trove. 

Sustainability and technology

Sustainability is integral to the future of work. At Bruntwood Works, we know we have a responsibility to support our cities and towns with the climate crisis. We have made significant commitments to improving the environmental impact of our buildings in order to sustain the long term future.

We are leading the charge for creating spaces that are sustainable for the businesses in them and are committed as a business to operating at net zero carbon by 2030.

Innovation is also key and workspaces will constantly evolve to become more intuitive. Smart tech offers the possibility of using space in more efficient and proficient ways.

For example, at Bloc we have deployed biophilic design and technology throughout the building which consistently optimises air quality by improving oxygen levels. 

Bloc’s HYVERT living wall, which wraps around the external facade, is made from 18,000 plants and was created by I Want Plants, in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University. It uses sensors to monitor its biodiversity and record how the wall is absorbing gases like CO2 and NO2.

In this way, we are committed to facilitating the best possible collaboration by staying one step ahead of everything our customers require.

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