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Gary Scheiner

Diabetes Educator, Klinio

Diabetes is a growing concern worldwide, with an estimated 537 million adults living with diabetes. Digital technology is revolutionising diabetes management, giving users access to tools for tracking and controlling their condition.

The number of people living with diabetes is predicted to rise to 643 million by 2030 and 783 million by 2045. More than 95% of people with diabetes have specifically type 2 diabetes. One of the challenges of diabetes is that it often goes undiagnosed, with many people not realising they have the condition until they develop complications. 

How diabetes can be prevented 

Unfortunately, with type 1 diabetes, there are no preventative measures. Gary Scheiner, Diabetes Educator at Klinio, explains: “There is also no cure for type 2 diabetes. However, a person can take steps with their diet and lifestyle to lower blood sugars to the point in which medications are unnecessary. This is called keeping diabetes ‘in remission’.”

Hence, developing healthy lifestyle habits will help lower blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications. Here’s what can be done: 

  • Maintaining a healthy body weight  
  • Staying physically active  
  • Eating a healthy diet and avoiding sugar and saturated fats  

Digital apps are transforming diabetes care 

However, advances in digital technology have made it easier than ever to monitor and manage diabetes.  

Now, many diabetes-tracking apps are available which allow you to monitor your blood sugar levels, track your food intake and exercise and log your medications. These apps can provide valuable insights into your diabetes management, allowing you to identify patterns and make adjustments to your diet and exercise routine. 

Advances in digital technology have made it easier than ever to monitor and manage diabetes.

Managing diabetes through the power of habit 

One of these digital apps is Klinio, a prediabetes and diabetes management programme offering advanced features to help diabetes patients take control of their condition through a change of habit.  

With knowledge and tips on nutrition, personalised meal plans, home workouts and tracking metrics, such as blood sugar levels and medication intake, Klinio is a helpful companion for anyone looking to enhance their health and wellbeing.  

How to start managing diabetes 

  • Take the 60-second quiz and get yourself a personalised plan
  • Set up your account
  • Start following your personalised meal plan 
  • Keep tracking your health
  • Start seeing the results 

With a concrete plan to assist you on your journey, you can keep track of your diabetes management every day and stay in control of your health.  

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