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Liam Chennells

Co-Founder & CEO, Detected

Dear reader,

We are witnessing the most significant acceleration and change in society, technology, information and our lives since the Industrial Revolution. Yet, despite this reality, some institutions, processes and companies continue to operate the same way they have always done.

Why, when we have software capable of translating text-based ideas into Hollywood quality videos, are we asking people to post paper copies of utility bills to validate their identity.

Why, when we all have instant access to every piece of information that has ever existed, are we asking people to manually type out their whole address line by line for an application form for a bank account.

We see no place for outdated behaviours or mantras like ‘we’ve always done it this way’. They simply stop progress. Come and see the future with Detected’s Onboarding Intelligence.

I’d welcome the chance to share how companies like VISA, Thomson Reuters, and many others have selected us to help them navigate change.

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