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Nick Vora

End-User Account Director & EMEA Chrome Specialist

Mark Allday

Acting Deputy Headteacher & AAT Director: Digital Strategy

Traditional classrooms are embracing technology, and an innovative suite of interactive displays, laptops and cloud-based systems are being seamlessly woven into the fabric of modern learning environments.

Amidst an ever-changing educational landscape, ASUS Education stands at the forefront of a profound paradigm shift with digital solutions shaped to enhance modern learning.

One of the most prominent trends steering the educational ship is the widespread adoption of online and hybrid learning models. The Covid-19 pandemic catalysed a seismic shift in our approach to learning, ushering in an era where physical boundaries no longer limit the pursuit of knowledge. This shift has not only granted learners the freedom to access a diverse array of resources, but it has also ignited a spirit of exploration that transcends geographical confines.

Continuous, personalised learning

ASUS has been working closely with Sandringham School in St Albans. The school has been implementing a one-to-one device programme. Initially, students could bring their preferred devices to class, but this agnostic model led to inconsistency in device quality and functionality. In 2022, Mark Allday, Deputy Head Teacher, assessed various manufacturers and settled on the global technology company due to its robust, modular design.

The school chose the ASUS CR1100 Chromebook, which features a touchscreen with a stylus and ‘world camera,’ intended to promote independent and continuous learning beyond the classroom. The shift from physical textbooks to cloud-based resources further minimises waste and enhances accessibility. The school’s vision integrates effective teaching with digital tools, prioritising authentic and valuable learning experiences that prepare students for the future.

A cornerstone of this transformation is personalised learning, an endeavour fortified by the marriage of data analytics and artificial intelligence. Education is no longer confined to a monolithic approach; instead, adaptive algorithms now curate content and learning experiences to suit the unique needs of individual students. This evolution has amplified engagement, inviting students to embark on a journey of discovery catered to their learning preferences.

The shift from physical textbooks to cloud-based
resources further minimises waste
and enhances accessibility.

Solutions supporting inclusive learning

ASUS’s impact transcends the walls of physical classrooms, extending its reach to encompass hybrid and remote learning models through maximising cloud-based offerings. The brand’s steadfast commitment to dependable technology ensures a seamless educational experience, adaptable to diverse circumstances and needs with the goal for educators to channel their energies into fostering critical thinking and igniting curiosity.

As educational technology continues to evolve, the company’s solutions illuminate a transformative path toward a boundless and inclusive learning future. Offering scalable and cost-effective solutions dismantles barriers to access and extends equitable learning opportunities to students of all backgrounds.

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