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Matt Waring

Education Channel Manager, Logitech

The technology that took education through the pandemic is being given a central role in the classroom and students are seeing the benefits.

Technology played an important part in education during the COVID-19 pandemic but as schools and colleges resume face-to-face lessons, it continues to evolve as a teaching tool.

Education technology specialist Matt Waring emphasises the importance of schools using robust, high-quality, equipment that enhances the learning experience for all pupils.

Good quality equipment

Headsets, webcams, keyboards, cases and microphones not only offer good engagement, but also take student wellbeing and ergonomics into account.

“Research shows that typical in-class technology use pre-pandemic averaged 35 minutes a day,” says Waring. “Now this is closer to three to four hours per day.”

“It is important to make sure that appropriate equipment is provided to support wellbeing, posture and comfort. Equipment should be enjoyable and easy to use which ensures greater engagement.”

While the pandemic accelerated technology use, it has also provided an opportunity to take a new view of how teaching is delivered.

Education solutions

Waring, who is Education Channel Manager (UK & Ireland) for global technology company Logitech, says: “Technology should not be a distraction, it is all about enabling better learning outcomes.

“There are different types of learners in an education environment, so it is about students having the choice and ensuring all learning styles can focus, be more productive and thrive regardless of what that classroom might look like.

“It is important that no matter what the environment is, students and teachers can still be heard and focus on teaching and learning.”

Technology should not be a distraction, it is all about enabling better learning outcomes.

Enabling creativity

Innovations such as the Logitech Crayon and Logitech Pen which work with iPad or Chromebook can help creativity flourish.

“It enables the student to act in their normal learning style and is as comfortable as holding a pen. This allows plenty of opportunity for adapted learning, so students can solidify and show their knowledge their own way and reach their full potential.” he says.

“Studies show that students retain information better if they are physically writing it down, instead of typing it out, which is something that the Crayon and Pen will facilitate.”

Life skills for work

While students enjoy using education technologies, he said it also provides the life skills of taking such technologies into the world of work.

The right technology solutions break barriers, allow students to collaborate without distraction, and ensure inspiring educational experiences are always within reach.

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