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David Tindall

CEO, Schools Broadband

Increased use of cloud-service back-office functions and online learning resources is straining some schools’ internet connectivity; but the introduction of ultrafast broadband is set to provide supersized edtech opportunities for schools.

Industry experts believe the tech sector is now a million times more advanced than it was just 20 years ago. And there is nowhere keener than the edtech world in adopting better ways of working and exploring new, exciting ways of delivering learning. Whether it be through virtual, immersive experiences, platforms to personalise learning, or even basic VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone services, we are already experiencing the early benefits of an edtech revolution like never before.

In readiness for this, coupled with the pandemic accelerating adoption of cloud services, we are witnessing a mass cloud migration of schools. As a company we’re seeing multi academy trusts (MATs) in particular taking advantage of our cloud services, enjoying cost-effective scalability, ease of central control and the added economic benefits of a cloud network. Whether a MAT or individual school, when schools subscribe to cloud services, there is no longer a requirement to purchase or maintain expensive onsite equipment.

Broadband bandwidths under pressure

In many cases however, cloud services are causing extra pressures on school internet connections, resulting in slow, frustrating broadband services. There is no question though, the cloud is now of fundamental importance in the effective running of a 21st century school.

It is more secure, cheaper to run, affords greater collaboration, allows remote working and provides data storage and recovery that can get your school up and running in a flash in the event of a data breach.

Ultrafast Broadband speeds are of such significance they can, in some cases, replace leased line connections, saving schools thousands of pounds annually in the process.

The birth of ultrafast broadband

Until now, the cost of broadband speeds required to support the heavy demands of multiple cloud services has been prohibitive for most schools and tantalisingly out of reach for others. However, a brand-new suite of technologies known as ultrafast broadband is sweeping its way across the country at a rapid rate, providing incredible bandwidth and connection speeds at very affordable prices.

This technology is already proving to be a game-changer for schools, with FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) connections providing up to 1000Mbps (Mega-bits per second or 1Gbps) for around the same price or sometimes less than a 100Mbps leased line; a staggering ten-fold increase in speeds for less than the cost of a 100Mbps leased line.

Ultrafast internet speeds for less

An ultrafast connection allows full deployment of one-to-one devices throughout a whole school, whatever its size and provides enough bandwidth to support a full migration of all school services to the cloud. Ultrafast FTTP uses full fibre connectivity direct to school premises; the network is expanding at a rapid pace and is already well-established covering over 25% of the country.

Broadband speeds provided by ultrafast technology are of such significance they can, in some cases, replace leased line connections, saving schools thousands of pounds annually in the process.

Schools Broadband

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