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Four women from Safran share their experiences of working in STEM and advice for anyone considering a career in the sector.

Jemma Ibbotson

Programmes and Support Manager,
Safran Helicopter Engines

I am in charge of customer support and industrialisation for helicopter and fast-jet manufacturing programmes. I led our first on-site meeting for International Womens’ day and from there we set up a day with activities for Women in Engineering day. I really want to show girls at school age what life is like in a manufacturing facility and how they can shape improvements to the future of travel.

Yeung Pok Nga Lau

Engineering Graduate, Safran Electrical and Power

I am a graduate systems engineer in the modelling and control division of Safran Electrical & Power, our team is currently developing an innovative generation channel for a more electric aircraft. I would say to girls with an interest in engineering to not limit themselves and miss out on the opportunity to work in this exciting and rewarding industry!

Not all of engineering is hands on machining, there’s a wide variety of roles and something for every skillset.

Sarah Brougham

Joana Capinha

Principal Engineer, Safran Electrical and Power

I work in the engineering department of a Safran Electrical & Power site where we design and manufacture generators and electric motors for aircraft. Currently I’m helping out with STEM activities connecting with local schools to try to inspire more girls to pursue STEM careers. All this helps to develop, retain and attract female professional talent.

Sarah Brougham

Mechanical Engineering Graduate, Safran Landing Systems

I am currently working as a systems engineer at Safran Landing Systems, my role includes looking at validation and verification of requirements to ensure products meet regulations, to helping create simulation models to support future certification. For anyone considering an engineering career, my advice would be go for it! Not all of engineering is hands on machining, there’s a wide variety of roles and something for every skillset.

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