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Why YOU should consider a career in tech

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Debbie Forster

CEO, Tech Talent Charter

The UK’s economic recovery will depend on the tech sector. It needs diversity of talent to help it succeed.

As we head towards the final quarter of what has been a difficult and disruptive year, the UK is facing one of the biggest falls in GDP on record. There is a big challenge ahead of us all to rebuild the UK economy.

There are many routes that will likely be considered for this, but undoubtedly, pretty much all of them will involve technology.

The tech industry will be essential for the UK’s economic recovery

Technology is expected to play a major role in the UK’s recovery, but to do that, it needs talent. While things may not be easy right now, tech is one field where there will continue to be opportunities.

In fact, the tech industry is proving one of the most resilient in the current climate, with a survey from Harvey Nash recruitment consultancy reporting in August that 38% of IT leaders in the UK expect to increase their headcount over the next year.

Tech roles need diverse talent

And that’s where you come in. Tech work can still sound quite niche if your background is in something else, but you don’t necessarily need to be a coder or engineer to stand a chance.

In research last year from the Fawcett Society and HP, 32% of women who don’t currently work in tech believe they “don’t have the correct qualifications” to consider a tech role. In fact, there are a multitude of entry points to careers in tech that rely on skills you may not even know you have.

Why tech could be right for you

  • Opportunity: The chance to be at the forefront of innovation .
  • Skills: Developing transferable skills that will be highly valuable in the UK’s digital economy.
  • Pay: Tech roles command on average £10k more than other industries.
  • Inspiring work: Tech is used to drive just about everything. These are skills you can use to make money, but also to tackle climate change, to help find a cure for cancer or to create amazing games, special effects for your favourite film, or interactive art.
  • Non-traditional entry points: A computer engineering degree is far from the only way to land yourself a tech role. More and more people are coming to the sector from non-tech backgrounds.

We’d love it if this article helps anyone else reconsider that a tech career just might be right for them after all. Not only will you be creating an exciting future for you, but you’ll be contributing to the economic recovery that the UK sorely needs.

The Tech Talent Charter exists to promote inclusion and diversity in the UK tech sector. We bring together practical guidance for companies who want to be more diverse and support networks to support inclusive working practises.


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