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Gender diversity in technology has made progress but simply not enough. It’s a missed opportunity if we don’t have diverse thinking both for business and for women. It really is everyone’s responsibility to ensure we continue to challenge the status quo. We must build diverse talent for the immediate future and for the women who are our future leaders, those just starting their careers.

Jo Garnett – Managing Director, Head of Corporate GTSM & WIT Europe Co-Chair, Barclays. Linkedin: Jo Garnett

Four women share their experiences of what it is like to be a female graduate in the banking sector.

Q&A with: Mollie Bailes

Workforce Strategy Analyst, Barclays
Linkedin – Mollie Bailes

How long have you been working at Barclays? And how did you find your path into the company?

I have been at Barclays for just over two years, having recently rolled off the Technology Graduate scheme last month. The scheme for me consisted of two one-year rotations in different roles within a Technology Analyst field. Being originally from a law background, I decided at the end of my degree that the legal industry wasn’t going to challenge me in the way I wanted at that moment in time. This led me to apply for fintech graduate schemes and found Barclays to be one of the most diverse and rich in possibilities.

What is your most important skill?

Communication – I believe this can be vital to developing yourself, relationships and knowledge. I think it is something we can all work to improve on an ongoing basis as we learn from mistakes, feedback and new experiences.

What relationships have impacted your career in technology?

I have always been a big supporter and admirer of women in leadership (not only at Barclays, but in all workplaces I have been in). I love hearing how women have overcome challenges and setbacks to achieve their potential and realise their worth, then as a result use their experiences to inspire other women to do the same – women supporting women is such a powerful tool.

“As a newly appointed co-deputy chair for Barclays Women in Technology Europe (WIT Europe), I am excited and privileged to meet fellow female technologists representing, sharing their experiences and inspiring diversity in the world of technology. Diversity and inclusion is not standalone, it must be core in how we live and what we do.”

Eva Turya


RFTF Cloud Programme Manager, Barclays

Linkedin: Eva Turya
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