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Gender diversity in technology has made progress but simply not enough. It’s a missed opportunity if we don’t have diverse thinking both for business and for women. It really is everyone’s responsibility to ensure we continue to challenge the status quo. We must build diverse talent for the immediate future and for the women who are our future leaders, those just starting their careers.

Jo Garnett – Managing Director, Head of Corporate GTSM & WIT Europe Co-Chair, Barclays. Linkedin: Jo Garnett

Four women share their experiences of what it is like to be a female graduate in the banking sector

Q&A with: Mary Ridhima Golamari

MRC Data Analytics, Barclays
Linkedin: Mary Ridhima Golamari

What is it like for a grad working in the banking institution?

Barclays has been incredibly supportive especially during the pandemic. Joining my first job out of university during the pandemic was not what I expected, but the journey was extremely smooth.

As new grads we had an efficient online training program, coffee chats with senior executives and amazing mentors who ensured that we were feeling comfortable in our new role. Senior leadership in particular were immensely enthusiastic to talk to us about their teams, work and technology. I absolutely loved my time as a new grad at Barclays.

What excites you most about technology?

It is tough to pick one thing that excites me the most, but my favourite would have to be the continuous learning. Technology is fast paced, modern and always evolving. A software, language or tool we learn today could become obsolete in a decade or more. New technology results in more innovation, making big impacts on its users and as IT professionals, we need to be on top of the ever-changing tech. This exciting learning curve is what keeps the passion alive.

Who is your modern-day inspiration?

Inspiration for me is a multifaceted concept. I am inspired by Steve Jobs for innovation, Melinda Gates for goodwill, Warren Buffett for entrepreneurship and Indra Nooyi for leadership.

I am inspired by their ability to dream big and take risks. However, I am most inspired by individuals I meet in my daily life. My manager, colleagues, friends and everyone else who displays qualities that I want to emulate. Seeing them become successful despite tough challenges makes me think of them as role models. Success is not by chance; it is by choice.

“As a newly appointed co-deputy chair for Barclays Women in Technology Europe (WIT Europe), I am excited and privileged to meet fellow female technologists representing, sharing their experiences and inspiring diversity in the world of technology. Diversity and inclusion is not standalone, it must be core in how we live and what we do.”

Eva Turya


RFTF Cloud Programme Manager, Barclays

Linkedin: Eva Turya
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