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Matthias Göhler

Chief Technology Officer EMEA, Zendesk

Learn the latest trends in AI, automation and data-driven personalisation to stay ahead with intelligent customer experience (CX) solutions.

Modern consumers demand secure, personalised interactions with companies, driven by data utilisation, automation and intelligent solutions. “Messaging has become one of the most important support channels, and automation is on the rise,” says Matthias Göhler, Chief Technology Officer EMEA at Zendesk. “This is, of course, partly due to the advancement of technological innovations and partly to the growing demands of consumers.”

Rapid shift to intelligent CX

According to the Zendesk CX Trends Report 2024, there is a rapid shift towards intelligent CX solutions, integrating AI, automation and data analysis — with 70% of consumers anticipating complete changes in their interactions with companies within two years. “Consumers are ready to step into the age of intelligent CX; it’s high time for companies to follow suit now,” insists Göhler.

AI technologies, such as chatbots, are pivotal in meeting consumer expectations. They can respond to common inquiries, allowing human agents to focus on more complex tasks. As a result, 64% of CX leaders are increasing investments in enhancing chatbot capabilities. He adds: “Managers should further develop chatbots now and integrate them more closely into the customer journey to improve CX and strengthen customer loyalty.”

Personalised integration challenges

Despite the potential benefits, AI adoption also introduces challenges. Many CX leaders feel pressure to integrate AI tools into their strategies, as 62% recognise the transformative potential of generative AI in reshaping customer journeys. This technology not only promises hyper-personalisation but also drives more human-like interactions. “Customers expect tailored interactions,” says Göhler.

Managers should further develop chatbots now and integrate them more closely into the customer journey to improve CX.

To enhance AI-driven CX capabilities, Zendesk has acquired Ultimate, expanding service automation beyond chatbots. It offers problem-solving AI agents, can automate about 80% of support requests and customise solutions for complex customer needs.

Comprehensive consumer data protection

However, hyper-personalisation success relies on robust safeguarding measures to protect consumers’ personal data. This includes encryption technologies, multi-factor authentication and AI-powered fraud detection.

“Ensuring the privacy and security of customer data should always come first before the data is used for personalisation purposes,” adds Göhler. “This is increasingly falling on the shoulders of CX leaders.” Three-quarters of CX experts plan to boost cybersecurity budgets, underscoring its importance in maintaining customer trust amid AI-driven personalisation efforts.

Prioritising customer expectations

The future of CX lies in responsibly integrating advanced technologies to bridge the gap between expectations and service delivery. “Intelligent CX can close this gap and bring CX closer to where it should always be: the customer,” Göhler notes.

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