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WorldSkills UK Competitions – National Finals

Images provided by WorldSkills UK

In November dedicated, gifted and skilled young people from all four nations of the UK battled it out to be crowned best of the best at the WorldSkills UK National Finals. 

The competitive climax came at the end of a process that began with over 3,000 people registering to take part back in March. After months of regional heats and intense training, we celebrate their achievements. 

Digital, Business and Creative 

3D Digital Game ArtCheshire College South & West 

Gold winnerElvijs Dovans
Silver winnerSavannah Hodgins
Bronze winnerKeanu Dowsett

Accountancy TechnicianKaplan

Gold winnerAbigail Evans & Matthew Latimer
Silver winnerAdam Jenkins & Amy Jones
Bronze winnerAeneas Bates & Matthew McCormick

Cyber SecurityGlasgow Clyde College

Gold winnerSai Putravu & Anahitha Vijay
Silver winnerJake Sumner & Konrad Gutmanski
Bronze winnerMax Clarke & Oskar Werys

In partnership with Palo Alto Networks 

Digital Media ProductionNorth Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College

Gold winnerFlynn Smith, Nathaniel Gray,
Joshua Valenti & Jack Houston
Silver winnerEllie James, Jack Hilton,
Isaac Callender Barlow, Hayden Kracke
Bronze winnerGanesh Karri, Nico Bentham, Max Sandiford,
Beres Smith, Frankie McCarthy, Jake Benson,
Ryan Maguire & Reece Todd

Graphic DesignThe Manchester College

Gold winnerAaliyah Huntley
Silver winnerBenjamin Catherall
Bronze winnerElla Banks & Lily Hardiker

IT Software Solutions for Business WorldSkills UK

Gold winnerAntony Lockhart
Silver winnerFiona Stewart
Bronze winnerZoe Lazenby-Carroll

IT Support TechnicianWorldSkills UK

Gold winnerIzaac Bharwani
Silver winnerToby Hallam
Bronze winnerChristopher Nairn

Network Infrastructure TechnicianWorldSkills UK

Gold winnerYohannes Zerzghi
Silver winnerSamuel Thomas
Bronze winnerKieran Lloyd Winstone & Jamie Maitland

Web DesignWeston College

Gold winnerJack Kimmins
Silver winnerRhydian Brown
Bronze winnerMorgan McDonald

WorldSkills UK is a charity that uses international best practice to raise standards in apprenticeships and technical education to help young people and businesses thrive.

WorldSkills UK is a proud member of WorldSkills, a global movement of over 80 countries that runs biennial international competitions where young people compete to be recognised as the very best in the world at what they do. 

The insights WorldSkills UK gains from being part of this global network help raise standards across the UK. Through sharing international best practice, WorldSkills UK helps deliver high-quality training and assessment and boosts the skills of educators and students. 

Construction & Infrastructure 


Gold winnerMitchell Proctor
Silver winnerMichael Topham
Bronze winnerKieran Oglethorpe

In partnership with St. Modwen 


Gold winnerCharlie Reeve
Silver winnerSammy Young
Bronze winnerLeonie McDonagh

Furniture & Cabinet Making(CITB)

Gold winnerJack Talbot
Silver winnerTom Slevin
Bronze winnerThomas Knowles


Gold winnerSam Abbott
Silver winnerWilliam Zuk
Bronze winnerDion Evans

Painting and Decorating(CITB)

Gold winnerNicole Smith
Silver winnerSophie Graham
Bronze winnerJacqui Hawthorne


Gold winnerSam Dean
Silver winnerSteven Price
Bronze winnerKieran Jones-Rees

Plastering and Drywall Systems (CITB)

Gold winnerIgnas Kurasovas
Silver winnerLiam Watson
Bronze winnerMatthew Connolly

Stonemasonry (CITB)

Gold winnerLewis Evans
Silver winnerKane Frith
Bronze winnerBen Nicholson

Wall and Floor Tiling (CITB)

Gold winnerAaron Gillespie
Silver winnerChristopher Parry
Bronze winnerMorgan Nutt

Landscape Gardening(Association of Professional Landscapers)

Gold winnerCameron Barker
Silver winnerGuy Cantiello
Bronze winnerMichael Junk

“This is just so important – I know the huge dedication and sacrifice these girls and guys have made to get to this level. We need to ensure that we shout about their success and encourage many more to follow in their footsteps.

It was an absolute honour to present the medals this year from my Packed Lunch studio. I’ve already spoken to many of the winners about what this means to them as individuals – but it has to be said, the real winner is the UK.”


TV presenter Steph McGovern, herself a trained engineer, is a passionate advocate for world-class skills and strong supporter of WorldSkills UK’s competition-based training programmes.

Foundation Skills

The Foundation Skills Competitions are designed for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and/or disabilities. The competitions allow students to showcase skills, knowledge and behaviours that highlight their independence and employability skills. 

Fitness Assistant(AoC Sport)

Gold winnerKyle Robertson
Silver winnerIbrahim Mohamed
Bronze winnerJaidev Charan

Health & Social Care(ACTAN)

Gold winnerAlisha Thomas
Silver winnerCallum Hearne
Bronze winnerMia Jenkins & Lewis Smith

Restaurant Services(New College Durham)

Gold winnerGestautas Matas
Silver winnerConnor Watts
Bronze winnerMaisy Cadwallader & Jack Bradley

IT Software Solutions for Business – (New College Durham)

Gold winnerBailey Richardson & Ben White
Silver winnerHarvey Ede
Bronze winnerJames Ducay

Hairdressing – (New College Durham)

Gold winnerKelys Ramsay
Silver winnerSinead Hitchman
Bronze winnerChardonnay Palmer

Horticulture Association of Professional Landscapers

Gold winnerKevin Stubbs
Silver winnerDean Roberts
Bronze winnerReece Horton

Catering (North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College)

Gold winnerGeorgina Price
Silver winnerRosie Thompson
Bronze winnerCasey Mcfarlane

Media (North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College)

Gold winnerEmily Sinnott & Declan Morrissey
Silver winnerZachary Macgregor, Nicholas Long & Nick Anderton
Bronze winnerJeffrey Letts, Louise Baker, Logan Joslin & Iman Nadeem

Motor Vehicle (North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College)

Gold winnerSamuel Barnes
Silver winnerConnor Jamie

Woodworking (CITB)

Gold winnerBen Thewlis
Silver winnerAdrian Buick
Bronze winnerDaniel Walker

WorldSkills UK’s competitions are designed by industry experts to assess an individual’s knowledge and practical skills in a competitive timed environment. 

At every stage of the journey, WorldSkills UK competitions contribute to participants’ personal and professional growth. As well as building on their technical skill set, the process helps competitors become well-rounded individuals by developing their full range of skills. 

WorldSkills UK competitions are unique in developing a mix of technical, employability and personal skills. The competition-based training programme develops key employability and technical skills and boosts other attributes valued by employers such as teamwork, problem-solving, time-management and working under pressure. 

By having access to international best practice, competitors are pushed to reach the higher-level skills required to compete against the very best young people domestically and on the global stage. 

Health, Hospitality & Lifestyle 

Beauty Therapist(Coleg Cambria)

Gold winnerCourteney Bett
Silver winnerScarlett Roberts
Bronze winnerMya Hitchcock

Beauty Therapist Practitioner(Coleg Cambria)

Gold winnerShannon Fearon
Silver winnerLucy Johnson
Bronze winnerLucy Lewis

Butchery (Cambrian Training)

Gold winnerJason Edwards
Silver winnerBenjamin Tindale
Bronze winnerBenjamin Roberts

Commercial Make-Up (Coleg Cambria)

Gold winnerLeah Allender
Silver winnerJamie Easton
Bronze winnerTiana Elizabeth Roberts

Confectionery and Patisserie(Craft Guild of Chefs)

Gold winnerCelt John
Silver winnerJoanne Tills
Bronze winnerLucy Potts

Creative Media Make-Up(Coleg Cambria)

Gold winnerFiona Hagan
Silver winnerJessie Roberts
Bronze winnerGrace Elliott

Culinary Arts(Craft Guild of Chefs)

Gold winnerGabriela Kulesza
Silver winnerCherie Buckingham & Natasha Ellis
Bronze winnerSamantha Watkins

Fine Jewellery Making(The Goldsmith’s Centre)

Gold winnerDan James
Silver winnerJosh Hook
Bronze winnerIdris Tetlow

Fitness Trainer: Personal Trainer (AoC Sport)

Gold winnerRhys Edmunds
Silver winnerAnna Crowley
Bronze winnerMatty Ferguson & Shannon Greenway

Floristry(British Florist Association)

Gold winnerCatey Burn
Silver winnerJane Sked-Connop
Bronze winnerEmily Wykes

Hairdressing (L’Oreal)

Gold winnerCharlotte Lloyd
Silver winnerLeah Browning
Bronze winnerRachael Penny

Health and Social Care(ACTAN)

Gold winnerGrace Burton
Silver winnerElizabeth Rosendale
Bronze winnerEdie Hannah

Nail Technician(Coleg Cambria)

Gold winnerGeorgia Durr
Silver winnerSophie Logan
Bronze winnerLauren Robertson & Samantha Reid Masters

Restaurant Service (Craft Guild of Chefs)

Gold winnerAlex McCathie
Silver winnerDaniel Davies
Bronze winnerLauren Jones

Engineering and Technology 

Aeronautical Engineering: Mechanical (Royal Aeronautical Society)

Gold winnerJeremy Franks
Silver winnerMatthew Cutt
Bronze winnerAdele Hughes

Automation(Middlesex University)

Gold winnerTom Turley
Silver winnerPatrick Sheerin
Bronze winnerCasey Dommett

Automotive Body Repair(IMI)

Gold winnerTiler Moorcroft-Jones
Silver winnerJoel Windsor
Bronze winnerLewis Hastings

Automotive Refinishing(IMI)

Gold winnerRyan Lowrey
Silver winnerCallum Roberts
Bronze winnerSion Lewis

Automotive Technology(IMI)

Gold winnerAlexander Mills
Silver winnerLuke Merchant
Bronze winnerOlly Brown

CNC Milling(WorldSkills UK)

Gold winnerSion Murray
Silver winnerSamuel Lewis
Bronze winnerCallum Murfin

Construction MetalWork – (Engineering Skills Competitions CIC)

Gold winnerBalveen Nota
Silver winnerJimmy Mason
Bronze winnerJack Kerswill

Digital Construction – (New College Lanarkshire)

Gold winnerPaul Hudson
Silver winnerTaylor Williamson
Bronze winnerPawel Kudosz

In partnership with Autodesk 

Electronic Security Systems – (Skills for Security)

Gold winnerOwen Nelson
Silver winnerGianluca Mori
Bronze winnerRichard Collingwood

In partnership with Texecom Ltd, Hikivision & CSL

Forensic Science(Complete Forensics)

Gold winnerPaige Tynan
Silver winnerLauren Woolford
Bronze winnerParis Williams

Heavy Vehicle Technology(IMI)

Gold winnerMark McAdams
Silver winnerDaniel Parker
Bronze winnerAndrew Hill

Industrial Electronics(Gower College)

Gold winnerNathan Dane
Silver winnerAdam Redfern
Bronze winnerScott Tavner

Industrial Robotics(Fanuc UK Ltd)

Gold winnerBrennan Wilson & Louie Heath
Silver winnerAdam Kirkpatrick & Cameron Middleton
Bronze winnerAaron Stevenson & Jude Moore

Laboratory Technician(Middlesex University)

Gold winnerJoel Farrant
Silver winnerMaria Pop
Bronze winnerLuke Ball

In partnership with Royal Society of Chemistry & Institute of Physics

Mechanical Engineering: CAD (New College Lanarkshire)

Gold winnerClark McGeechan
Silver winnerCailey Miller
Bronze winnerAlex Austin

Mechatronics(Middlesex University)

Gold winnerOliver Newdall
Silver winnerConnor Greenwood
Bronze winnerSamuel Kearsley

Sheet MetalWork Technology(Engineering Skills Competitions CIC)

Gold winnerOliver Bolland
Silver winnerJoshua Smith
Bronze winnerJoe Mason

Welding(Engineering Skills Competitions CIC)

Gold winnerRoss Jones
Silver winnerJoel Blair
Bronze winnerWilliam Hunt

Reaching out

• Each year, over 30,000 young people gain careers advice and education through WorldSkills UK’s careers advice resources.
• Each year, close to 4,000 young people benefit from WorldSkills UK’s competition-based training, pushing them to hit international standards.

What competitors say about WorldSkills UK’s competition-based training:

• 92% said it improved their career progression
• 86% said it boosted their technical skills
• 86% reported improved personal and employability skills
• 90% said competing raised their aspiration level

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