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Julia Pfiffer

Co-CEO, astragon Entertainment

An entertainment publisher in the gaming industry is driving change by keeping its doors open to diverse talent to cultivate a melting pot of genders and unique personalities.

Walking around the biggest industry fairs and glancing into business booths demonstrate, once again, how male-dominated game companies still are, Julia Pfiffer points out as Co-CEO of gaming industry player astragon Entertainment. However, she aims to change this with her company.

Transforming gaming with inclusivity

As of August 2023, the entertainment company’s publishing division comprised a 46% female workforce, with another 2% identifying as nonbinary, which exceeds industry standards and highlights a commitment to diversity. “A multifaceted team widens the reservoir of ideas at a company’s disposal. Varied life journeys introduce a rich tapestry of mindsets, viewpoints and methodologies to the professional arena,” insists Pfiffer.

Looking to position itself as the go-to for young professionals, the company enables women to be at the forefront of technological and creative advancements, ensuring diverse stories are told and experienced.

A career in gaming contributes significantly to society by providing entertainment, fostering social connections and even educating through gamification.

Empowering women with representation

astragon Entertainment has witnessed a gradual increase in women both as players and professionals. “This trend is likely encouraged by a societal shift in gender equality, the presence of influential female figures in the industry and initiatives aimed at promoting inclusivity — it is a step in the right direction, but still a long way to go,” Pfiffer admits.

Team17 Group PLC, led by CEO Debbie Bestwick, collaborated with Pfiffer and several leading female figures to launch ‘The Purple Panel’ podcast. The series delves into the unique journeys of women within the gaming realm. “Increasing women’s representation in gaming brings a wider range of perspectives, fostering a richer gaming environment for all players and better representing our diverse audience,” she says.

Diversity bridges gaps in gaming experiences

At her company, women have been integral in every department, with its dedication to fostering a secure and confidence-inspiring workspace for all. Its primary objective is to strengthen its reputation within the gaming ecosystem and be known for gender inclusivity and diversity.

For instance, console game ‘Police Simulator: Patrol Officer’ is heavily influenced by astragon’s and its developers’ female team members — from game design and production to PR and marketing strategies. “Their contributions have not only shaped our company’s success but also serve as an inspiration to women aspiring for a career in gaming,” Pfiffer says. “A career in gaming contributes significantly to society by providing entertainment, fostering social connections and even educating through gamification. Our products not only entertain but often bring families together — bridging generational and cultural gaps.”

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