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Game development made accessible with payment and web shop solutions

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Innovating the gaming industry in the UK and globally, Xsolla’s tools support game developers through industry challenges.

The global gaming industry outperforms all other forms of entertainment, with the worldwide market growing to an incredible $184 billion in 2023, as mentioned in the Xsolla Spring 2024 Report.

Supporting global game development

Since the explosive growth in 2021–2022, the video game industry has evolved, with funding, scaling and new markets driving growth. Xsolla, a US-based video game commerce company, has been instrumental during these times, helping thousands of game developers and publishers, fund, market, launch and monetise their games globally across multiple platforms.

Xsolla has built a global game development network from its headquarters in Los Angeles, particularly in Europe and the UK. In January 2024, they opened an office in King’s Cross, offering tailored solutions to developers and publishers in an increasingly competitive market.

Recently, Xsolla has helped studios like Team 17, 505 Games, NetEase Games and SkyDance Interactive bring games like Smite, The Legend of Mir and Dead by Daylight to market by providing access to a wealth of tools and services, overcoming barriers like payment options and localisation.

Payments and web shops for developers

Chris Meredith, Xsolla’s Senior Vice President of EMEA, leads game development across Europe. An industry veteran with 20 years of experience, Meredith believes the region remains rich in talent and creativity. He sees continued evolution through 2024 and 2025 with opportunities in technology and market pathways.

Meredith says: “We’re offering support to many developers across payments and web shops, helping them profit more from their games and access a wealth of tools and resources to build, launch and grow successful businesses. We’re now trusted by 1,500 developers and publishers across Europe as part of our global network in 200 countries.”

We’re offering support to many developers
across payments and web shops.

Monetise through web shops

Xsolla handles payment solutions and creates over 200 online web shops for mobile video game developers, enabling publishers to retain more revenue than selling directly via platform-specific app stores. David Stelzer, President of Xsolla, highlights its approach to monetisation and web shops as a way of helping mobile developers navigate turbulent times.

“We’re dedicated to helping developers monetise their games,” he says. “Our web shop solution allows a seamless experience for mobile players, direct sales to users and robust community engagement. Web shops are flexible; developers only pay us when their games make money. These services have been transformational for many developers, allowing them to focus on creating fantastic games while we handle the intricacies of making money. Payment is only part of our offering.”

Expanding services for game funding

To support game funding and launches, the company has expanded its services. This includes the Xsolla Funding Club, a no-cost, digital matchmaking platform connecting developers with investors and funding opportunities. In the last year, one in eight games received funding through this initiative — 20 times more than the industry average.

Xsolla’s solutions and distribution platforms ensure games gain visibility. Xsolla Backend, a feature-rich commerce engine designed by developers for developers, revolutionises small and mid-sized game development, enabling faster game launches, cost savings and cross-platform player accommodation.

Xsolla’s Web Shop solution helps developers boost online sales and game monetisation beyond platform stores, enabling targeted promotions, loyalty programmes and personalised content, enhancing player retention and increasing lifetime value. 

Building resilience through collaboration

Meredith emphasises these solutions are critical in supporting developers during this time: “In this current climate, we’re working to build resilience by collaborating with organisations such as the UK Interactive Entertainment Association (UKIE) and the International Game Developers Association (IDGA) to provide as much support as possible. “Developers need to stretch their resources as much as possible, and we have found that engaging directly with their audiences is crucial for success. By fostering understanding and awareness, developers can sustain their games and enhance their prospects for long-term survival here in the UK.”

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