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5 benefits of business class travel

As the standards of economy class increase, business travellers are asking themselves… why should we bother with business class? Here are five reasons why.

1. Comfort only found in Business Class

Seats that recline and lay flat can be a big attraction to business travellers on any long-haul flight. The additional leg-room is a welcome bonus and there is extra space to work while you’re flying. A restful flight can make all the difference after hours on a plane.

2. Use of the airline’s business lounge

There is the opportunity to use an airline’s business lounge before your flight which can include shower rooms and areas to catch up on sleep as well as business services and WiFi. Drinks are usually free and you can order food for your flight in advance.

3. Convenience

In business class you will be seated and allowed to disembark before other passengers, enjoy the benefits of a flexible ticket and can check in at a separate desk to save time. You might pay more for the service but when time is money being able to speed up the flying experience can be a cost-effective benefit.

4. Great food and drink

Mouth-watering menus often greet business class customers who have a better choice of meals than their economy cousins. The food is often cooked by some of the world’s top chefs. Depending on the time of day you fly you can enjoy a full English breakfast or an afternoon tea as well as trying different culinary delights from around the world. When it comes to drinks there is a choice of cocktails, champagne, and vintage wines.

5. You arrive ready to work

Flying long distance is hard work and if you are travelling to meet an important client or for a crucial internal meeting you want to arrive as fresh as possible. If you have enjoyed the benefits of business class you will walk off the plane feeling a little more human than you otherwise might and ready to negotiate that crucial deal or discuss important issues with colleagues. Business travel is very disruptive to your work and personal life but face to face meetings are as vital as ever and can never be replaced completely by technology such as video conferencing.

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