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Sustainable Packaging 2020

3 ways sustainable packaging helps you sell online

3 x sustainable ecommerce packaging solutions to help grow your business online
3 x sustainable ecommerce packaging solutions to help grow your business online

50% of internet postal packaging is not recycled (bubble mailers, polybags, plastic tape & voidfill).

Watch the video below to learn how Lil Packaging is helping online business owner, Harriet, use more sustainable packaging.

Lil Packaging’s Commitment To Sustainability

“At Lil Packaging it is our mission to provide internet & mail-order businesses with a greatly improved, cost-efficient fulfilment operation so that they can ‘mail happy’. We will achieve this by delivering uniquely engineered paper-based and sustainable solutions that reinvent their view of packaging, through the application of unmatched expertise in packaging design and world-class manufacturing.”

Lil Packaging are committed to phasing out single use plastics from both their product range and operations. So far they have removed and developed alternative sustainable packaging solutions to mailbags, bubble mailers, plastic ecommerce tape and have gone as far as to reformulate their inks and glues to be more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Plastic Free, Ocean Friendly Ecommerce Packaging

It is their goal to become synonymous with plastic-free and ocean-friendly packaging. As a packaging company that manufactures products with a short lifespan, they realise just how important it is that they do their bit to protect the environment. It is their hope that their commitment to eradicating plastics from ecommerce will be the catalyst for larger industry-wide change.

Europe’s Largest independent producer of ecom packaging on a mission to eradicate plastics from ecommerce.

Lil Packaging is a well-established specialist ecommerce packaging manufacturer with experience in providing the largest online retailers with bespoke packaging solutions aimed at reducing operational costs, meet CSR targets and improving unboxing experiences.

Click to learn more about their bespoke ecommerce packaging services and contact them today.

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