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Our campaign partners

The leading business platform to connect with patient care-centric facets of the healthcare community. The only multi-disciplinary congress within the Middle East that integrates patient safety, CSSD, & infection control.


ALSGBI & ALTS Annual Scientific Meetings including Laparoscopic & Robotic Training Days  6 – 8 November 2022.  The theme is ‘Technology, Tricks & Treats’. Thought-provoking lectures and symposia with international speakers, featuring Laparoscopic, Robotic & Technology Enhanced Surgery.


Strategic shifts towards NetZero operations have been trending globally, with key interest across pharma and healthcare industries. The Sustainability In Pharma & Healthcare Congress aims to accelerate this transition and compel key stakeholders to embrace a ‘greener’ perspective, via in-depth talks, interactive sessions, and networking. Designed to explore the key challenges facing the development and implementation of sustainable practices throughout the industry, the programme will facilitate solution-oriented discussion and collaboration to advance sustainability practices. Topics include challenges for introducing a sustainable supply chain and procurement process, the role of pharma and healthcare in the context of the COP 27 meeting, as well as ways to improve sustainability in patient care pathways. 

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