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How to be a green business in 2020

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Gudrun Cartwright

Climate Action Director, Business in the Community

Companies want to do their part before COP26. But we also know that the question of ‘how’ can be overwhelming. 

Responsible businesses must be at the heart of the transformation to a resilient, zero carbon future. As we move towards COP26 in Glasgow, we need all companies to realise that tackling the climate crisis needs to be part of their business strategy. The Government is looking to businesses for help in developing robust, ambitious policy as the country recovers from COVID-19.  

All this responsibility can be overwhelming, but there are really just three things to think about before COP26:  

Create a climate action plan – and share it 

The Chancellor’s announcement that Taskforce for Climate related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) reporting will become mandatory for London Stock Exchange ‘premium’ companies is a big step. But we need more. The Government needs reassurance that ambitious action is welcome. If businesses are open about the climate action plans, our policymakers won’t be working in the dark.  

The Government’s 2050 deadline only gives us a 50:50 chance of achieving net zero carbon. 

Set an ambitious net zero carbon target 

The Government’s 2050 deadline only gives us a 50:50 chance of achieving net zero carbon. Businesses really need to be thinking about 2030, even though that can seem scary. The important thing is to be open about the journey, especially when it is hard. Make a public commitment through schemes like Race to Zero and share your progress. 

Don’t go it alone 

Doing what you can within your own business is a great first step but tackling the climate crisis needs everyone. There are many challenges that need to be met with – from getting infrastructure in the right places to changing behaviours and transforming how we measure and reward success. Be part of the debate. 

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