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Business Events Q and A with Chris Skeith

Chris Skeith

Chief Executive,

We ask Chris Skeith, Chief Executive of AEO about business meetings and events. 

What makes a successful event?

Adding value and creating an experience that delivers business impact is key. Exhibitors want the right audience for their business and visitors want something new, fresh, exciting and relevant to them.

Any tips for organising an event and engaging an audience?

Too many to mention here, exhibitors can find lots of insightful guides and how to videos at www.facetime.org.uk                                                                                                                           

Where does technology fit in?

Technology should be included throughout. Social media competitions to pique interest, apps for live polling at presentations, Twitterwalls to show what’s trending and gamification for on-stand data collection are some of the best ways to engage your audience.

What does the future hold for the industry?

The industry contributes almost £40bn to the UK economy, many UK organisers have seen recent rapid global expansion and we have a proven track record of hosting major international events – the future looks good!  

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