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Industry and government working together

Three key themes of adoption, innovation, and leadership, are preventing the UK from achieving its vision of being a global leader in Industrial Digitalisation Technologies.

So how can industry and government work together, to development and adopt Industrial Digitalisation Technologies (IDT) and address any barriers?

In partnership with government, academia, research organisations, and industry, we are proposing the following three recommendations to resolve the issues we have identified (we are also proposing a fourth supporting recommendation which addresses enablers).

These recommendations come as a package. Together, they are intended to establish the right conditions for the UK to become the global leader in industrial digitalisation by 2030.

Broadly, implementation would comprise:

  • A national Made Smarter UK Commission, underpinned by two key implementation bodies responsible for skills and technology.
  • A National Adoption Programme aimed at SMEs to increase the uptake of IDT.
  • Regionally distributed Digital Innovation Hubs focused on technology diffusion, adoption and commercialisation.
  • Focused IDT research centres with the goal of keeping the UK at the forefront of global R&D activities in IDT.
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