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Alexander Otto

Head of Corporate Relations, Tradebyte Software GmbH

Innovative software is helping a range of leading brands and fashion retailers reach end consumers across Europe via launching and selling effectively on marketplaces

Getting the latest designs and fashion brands to customers ahead of competitors has long been a major challenge for manufacturers and retailers. Picking the right market at the right time, or knowing when to expand to a new marketplace, has been key in staying ahead of rivals — long before the digital era.

Cross-border fashion retail

With every second e-commerce pound been spent on marketplaces, the European marketplace industry has undergone substantial change and continues to evolve rapidly. In today’s landscape, access to relevant customer data is critical. It is equally important to possess an intuitive understanding of the market, relevant experience and knowledge of current trends.

When effectively combined, these elements can transform the latest dress, training shoes or accessories into best-selling items. Tradebyte stands out as an expert in this field, backed by years of substantial digital expertise.

Its innovative software offers access to over 90 marketplaces across 20+ European markets and supports retailers and manufacturers in bringing their products swiftly onto customers’ laptops, mobile phones, tablets or desktops.

Software for managing products

As an enabler of cross-border digital fashion retail in Europe, the company offers solutions to a range of renowned brands. The company emerged in 2009 at the early stages of online shopping; and in the years since, it has remained an important player in online fashion. Since 2016, it has been part of the Zalando Group but retains independence from the platform.

Alexander Otto, Head of Corporate Relations at Tradebyte Software GmbH, points to its all-in-one software solution TB.ONE, which is designed to help brands and retailers reach customers on their favourite online shopping platforms. It includes a product, steering and order management, which is a Software-as-a-Service hosted and developed by Tradebyte with license fee for the brands. and uses data to seamlessly connect brands to various European marketplaces.

Efficient marketplace and pricing models

The tool ensures brands meet marketplace criteria, such as relevant images, text and bullet points to describe products. “We bring it all together and map it to the right product and compile them for the right marketplaces,” adds Otto.

In today’s landscape, access to relevant data is critical.

The solution is “built for fashion“, tools and services are designed for fashion brands to be successful and profitable. In order to do so, Tradebyte developed a pricing model that is extremely focused on partnership and success.

Flexible network ecosystem

At the core, the software offers tailored services which are delivered by the Tradebyte team to identify and expand into new markets. “Sales may be going well on Zalando in Germany, for example, so it may then be a case of testing the market in Poland, Ireland, England or anywhere Zalando has an online presence,” Otto explains.

“It is all about bringing the right players together. Once you are in that ecosystem, it is easy to add others or stop with one and go to another country or expand. We help brands set up and build their own marketplace and withdraw from a market or platform. The software links retailers and brands to a marketplace — or marketplaces to retailers.

Enhancing digital setup

Otto also warns that some brands remain digitally naïve and are not yet built on a digital mindset. “They may have a strong wholesale background and are organised from a team and business perspective but lack agility and may not even have a dedicated department for ecommerce or online retail.

“The days in ecommerce where you can just throw your stuff out are over. It is a billion-dollar business, and everyone is watching. If a brand has a good digital setup, this expedites every process,” he adds, pointing to Tradebyte as an enabler with the technical and process acumen to help make marketplace businesses successful.

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