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Simon Hills

CEO, Wise

Improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs are two things that any business aims to do when looking to improve its bottom line.

“Whether we like it or not, technology plays a massive role in all of our lives in ways that could never have even been imagined 20 or even 10 years ago” says Simon Hills, CEO of self-employment technology company, Wise, which helps logistics firms make these improvements through harnessing innovation. However, some logistics businesses are reluctant to use technology to improve processes – but why is this?

Improving efficiency through digital integration

“Of course, the size of a company impacts how easy it is to integrate technology and digital solutions into a business. Using software to cut back on the paperwork and admin hours needed for a business to operate is a universal way to improve efficiency and free up all-important time for your team.

“This room to improve efficiencies is particularly applicable within logistics, where we have worked closely with hundreds of businesses to understand the range of issues around engaging a large workforce of self-employed subcontractors.”

The new Wise platform is already being used by over 180 UK logistics firms to:

– Reduce the time it takes to onboard by using the Wise app to get all documents signed and ID uploaded digitally.

– Stay ahead of HMRC & customer audits with a complete overview of your subcontractor network.

– Push policy and contract updates to your subcontractor network through the app, and get them digitally resigned.

Finding the business case

“These key functions of the Wise platform are providing a clear competitive advantage to our clients who can save time, money and stress whilst improving the way they can engage with their self-employed drivers.

“Whilst there are a multitude of business reasons why harnessing technology may suit any individual company, it is important to look beyond the primary business benefits and towards how this may improve the way a brand can communicate with its self-employed workforce. If using technology means you’re able to communicate and work more effectively as a business, this is going to provide so many intangible benefits whilst increasing efficiency at the same time.”

Wise is currently used by over 180 UK logistics businesses and over 10,000 self-employed subcontractors to save time, money and stress. To find out how using Wise’s platform could benefit your business, head to

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