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Employee Wellbeing Q1 2023

Investing in a healthy workforce can lead to a successful business

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Chris Cummings

CEO, Wellbeing At Work

The easy option is for organisations to cut during challenging times. There should be more investment in employee wellbeing going forward, and we discuss why.

We have had a myriad of challenges across the globe and are now facing some of the most difficult economic conditions for a generation. This, along with record burnout figures, the great reset and a purpose-seeking employee market, has given leaders some significant headaches going into 2023. However, looking back at previous downturns, it took bravery to make bold decisions, and history shows it works.

People at the core

Organisations are nothing without their people — that’s a fact. How many times do you see on company websites saying that their people are their most important asset? Well, let’s test that theory.

Wellbeing holds the key to many of these challenges, and that is what workers of all ages are looking for and expect — a personalised approach to wellbeing that delivers for all; a purpose-driven organisation with authentic and empathetic leadership that provides human connection in an inclusive environment.

Organisations are nothing without
their people — that’s a fact.

Investment in these areas of your company’s strategy is essential, not only for the short-term business challenges but also for the medium to longer-term future. Recessions are not for forever, and as we emerge to growth, you will need a highly engaged, productive — and most importantly — healthy workforce to deliver your productivity targets.

Legislation is coming, too. The NSW Government in Australia have implemented legal requirements for employers to create mentally healthy workplaces, and the Dutch Government is to become the first country in the world to codify the right to remote work into law.

Conversations and debates in the UK’s parliament have resurfaced recently with Dean Russell MP presenting a new law requiring businesses to offer mental health first aid training. This focus is not just great for business productivity or legislative reasons, it is the right thing to do for everyone. Our organisation will be recruiting this year, growing the team and investing more in the wellbeing of our people. So, we challenge you as organisations to look beyond the short-term and go into the future of work with gusto. Don’t just talk about how important your people are on your website — invest properly in the wellbeing of your colleagues, reap significant rewards and build a healthy culture that delivers on all levels.

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