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Rodrigo Rodríguez


Unlimited learning ecosystems – what are they and why do both schools and companies need them? 

It is ironic that in the new world of hybrid education and virtual classrooms, learning remains, in many cases, limited. Despite an increasing amount of digital solutions, organisations frequently replicate the same traditional models of education or training without breaking barriers in terms of dedication, individualisation and structure. For both students at any stage of their education and professionals looking to upskill, learning is limited to a certain time, place, content or format.

An Unlimited Learning Ecosystem offers a catalogue of millions of the highest quality digital content pieces in all formats and languages.

Helping people achieve full potential

Today, an overwhelming movement is taking over the learning sector. Schools, universities and companies are choosing to evolve into unlimited learning organisations. Little by little, they commit to helping their students and employees reach their full potential, aware of the benefits that it entails for both parties and thus true progress in learning and development can be achieved.

To help organisations transition into a new era of learning, ODILO founded Unlimited Learning Ecosystems: personalised platforms with almost unlimited content in a range kinds of formats that amplify and enhance existing solutions.

An Unlimited Learning Ecosystem offers a catalogue of millions of the highest quality digital content pieces in all formats and languages. From this suite of content, interactive and personalised learning paths are built, providing impactful learning experiences for organisations and learners across the globe.

Value of unlimited learning

Here, education technology is at its best: the intelligent platform, powered by AI, learns through user behaviour and constantly adapts the experience to each user. Why might schools and companies want to offer this to their students and employees? It is simple if you think about it. Each person is unique and has different learning goals, needs and interests. Their learning experience should never come to an end due to limits regarding content, skill, career path, time or place. This is also how you stimulate learning through all stages of life.

We have helped many cutting-edge organisations worldwide join the unlimited learning movement, each of them through their own platform, completely customised to their needs and goals. This means that more and more students and employees all over the world can now decide what, when and how to learn, with all the knowledge right at their fingertips.

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