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Robert Eastment

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Firefly Learning

The possibilities presented by technology are greater than ever before. Schools need to embrace the opportunities in front of them and engage their whole community in the learning conversation.

Over the last two years, it has become clear that teaching and learning is very much a team effort. Schools need to engage their whole community if they are to bring about the best outcomes for their students, but this can sometimes be a significant challenge. However, there are steps that schools can take to simplify the process and bring everyone into the learning conversation.

Step one: understand the barriers

We cannot force people to engage, so we need to make the process as simple as possible. We can start by talking to the different school groups and finding out what is getting in the way. Technology is a great way of overcoming barriers, but it needs to be used wisely if it is not to become a stumbling block in its own right.

Step two: embrace transparency

The more open we are about the learning experience, the more engaged people become. A policy of continuous reporting, for example, can feel like a big step but means that everyone can collaborate more effectively in the learning process.

The more open we are about the learning experience the more engaged people become.

Step three: de-mystify the learning process

It is sometimes too easy to forget that we are not all education experts and things teachers take for granted are completely alien to parents. Setting out expectations clearly and concisely, for parents as well as their children, will make it easier to support the student’s learning at home.

Step four: gather feedback

Good communication is a two-way process and people are more invested if they feel that their voices are heard. Understanding the concerns of the school community allows leadership to be more proactive in their approach to communication and to head off issues before they escalate.

Step five: make everyone feel part of school life

School life goes far beyond the classroom. It is the richness of activity that is most engaging and sharing this across the school community helps to engender a sense of belonging. Technology has opened up the possibilities for schools with online video and audio, elevating traditional newsletters.

Like any community, schools thrive on an atmosphere of openness and communication and technology provides the tools to engage everyone in this common goal. This is the time for teachers, students and parents to embrace the opportunities available to them and grow the relationship between home and school further.

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