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Andrew Dunbar

General Manager EMEA, Appnovation

With increasing healthcare challenges, particularly at a time of a global pandemic, the need to make better use of data has never been more important.

Decision makers in healthcare are facing unprecedented demands to respond to a fast changing landscape.

Against this backdrop, embedded analytics – which can swiftly integrate data into existing workflows to understand data instantly – coupled with state-of-the-art data visualisation tools, are helping healthcare leaders make better use of data and enhance performance.

Vital intelligence

Andrew Dunbar, General Manager EMEA of global digital consultancy Appnovation, says such applications can help unlock insights from data allowing for scalable, informed decision making.

“One of the biggest benefits of embeddable data software is that it can deliver instant and meaningful data insights,” continues Dunbar.

“Business intelligence software interprets vast reservoirs of data, breaking out bite-sized nuggets of info to meet strategy needs and presenting them seamlessly in diverse digital channels including mobile and smart devices. This approach has proved effective in clinical trials and drug development.”

Integrated approach

People-driven design helps equip employees across multiple departments to make the best possible decisions every day.

Delivering an integrated approach to digital innovation is crucial, where a well-executed analytics platform uses human-centric design to bring everyone into the picture.

Data visualisation is a key part of this process, delivering transparent and easy-to-understand intelligence that can be distributed and accessed by all.

Appnovation has partnered with Looker, Google Cloud’s modern business intelligence, embedded analytics and data application development platform, to advance this approach for customers.

One of the biggest benefits of embeddable data software is that it can deliver instant and meaningful data insights.

Digital platform

In one example, Appnovation designed a digital solution that proved pivotal in helping health authorities make critical decisions in under a week on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 between healthcare facilities in British Columbia, Canada.

To model the options, Appnovation created a secure data pipeline which collected staffing data for 100,000 healthcare workers and cross-referenced it with schedules from long term care facilities across the province.

“The encrypted data was used to create data visualisation models of staffing that provided insights and analysis for real time reporting. It enabled regional health authorities to make important decisions about provincial resourcing,” says Dunbar.

The solution supported the “single site staffing initiative,” a government mandate that healthcare staff in the province should work at only one site to lessen the risk of transmission of COVID 19.

Overall, the British Columbia government’s approach to preventing the spread of COVID-19 – including the single site staffing initiative – resulted in lower case numbers than other provinces in the early days of the pandemic.

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