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Lesleyanne Tufft

Head of IT Delivery, SSE Renewables & Thermal 

Energy sector IT roles aren’t just for tech experts. All kinds of opportunities are available requiring different skillsets, says a senior leader working at the sharp end of the industry.

In the energy industry, technological innovation is moving at a head-spinning pace. But that’s what Lesleyanne Tufft, Head of IT Delivery, SSE Renewables & Thermal, loves about her job.

“We’re increasingly using data and analytics to make real-time decisions,” she says. “That’s been a game-changer because it helps us work in a more agile way in the race to net zero. We’re also using Artificial Intelligence to further reduce our environmental impacts. So, IT is trailblazing in this space.”

Working closely together to deliver a net zero strategy

Naturally, a dynamic and diverse industry needs dynamic and diverse talent. “You don’t have to be a technical expert to work in energy industry IT,” says Tufft. “We also need people with emotional intelligence, empathy, tenacity, creativity and good organisational skills who can understand the business and work closely to deliver its strategy.”

Both the IT and energy sector are traditionally thought of as male-dominated spaces. However, Tufft points out that her team features an even split of men and women; and, speaking personally, has never once felt undervalued or unheard.

It’s rewarding to be able to support it and know we are making a difference for people and the planet.

But there’s another reason why she enjoys this environment. “It’s exciting to be part of the energy sector at such an important time,” she says. “Our company is a principal partner of COP26, the climate change conference in Glasgow, so it’s rewarding to be able to support it and know we are making a difference for people and the planet.”

For anyone considering a career in IT in the energy sector, Tufft has a simple message. “Go for it!” she says. “You can tailor your strengths to the many different roles and opportunities available. You just have to be passionate about helping to save the planet — and up for a creative challenge.”

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