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Barbara Lead

CEO, Oval Medical

Companies in the bioscience sector are looking for recruits and are keen to hear from proactive candidates who are eager to start their career.

Great opportunities are available in the science sector and employers are eager to hear from you. “The job market in science is buoyant. We are struggling to find scientists to fill our vacancies, as are many other companies in the biosciences sector,” says Barbara Lead, Chief Executive of Oval Medical Technologies, which designs and provides patient-friendly auto-injection devices.

A proactive approach

  • “Be proactive and forge your own connections with employers,” declares Barbara. As an insider, Barbara recommends a few different ways to get your foot in the door:
  • Directly contact companies after having researched them to ensure the position suits your skills and interests. “As well as listing your qualifications and skills in your CV, highlight your enthusiasm for transforming the lives of patients, or improving the environment, something specific that is relevant to the role,” says Barbara.
  • Consider turning up on company doorsteps, equipped with a CV and cover letter, ready to introduce yourself to HR, but be prepared to be asked to come back later or even not at all.
  • Put yourself on LinkedIn, including details of the kind of job you are looking for and stating that you are open to job offers. Employers and recruitment companies scour LinkedIn looking for possible candidates.
  • Sign up with a specialist recruitment consultancy. “Specialist science recruiters will help you identify employers and make applications. If there are no suitable current vacancies, they will keep your details on file and forward them to employers when a position becomes available,” says Barbara.

This year we are launching Cambridge Pharma, to manufacture products for pharmaceutical company clinical trials.

Target growing companies

Government policy is in place to encourage growth in the bioscience sector so pursue growing companies which need more skilled employees. Barbara says: “This year we are launching Cambridge Pharma, to manufacture products for pharmaceutical company clinical trials. We will need validation specialists, mechanical or chemical engineers, and analytical chemists who can develop the clinical trial manufacturing processes.”

Career development

Seek out companies offering career development. High demand means companies are more likely to offer training, mentoring and career progression. “For instance, we provide training so you can move from one specialism to another,” says Barbara.

Companies are in need for passionate individuals who are interested in biosciences, utilise this opportunity and make the first step in your career.

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