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In a first for the UK, the demonstrations, performed live over BT’s public 5G network, show two 5G enabled applications that are being explored by Belfast Harbour as part of their vision for creating a ‘Smart Port’ and an iconic waterfront for the city.

Belfast Harbour, BT and mixed reality partners Ubimax and VRtuoso have been demonstrating the tangible benefits that 5G can deliver to business and industry across the UK.

The first demonstration shows a member of Belfast Harbour’s operations team inspecting one of the harbour’s cranes. They are wearing an augmented reality headset connected to a 5G device and receiving step-by-step maintenance guidance and remote support through video collaboration with a remote expert, via an application server in the cloud.

5G provides the ultrafast speeds and reliability needed, while AR solution specialists, Ubimax, provide the software for the headsets, which can easily be worn by any operational staff working out in the port.

A member of Belfast Harbour’s team is inspecting one of the harbour’s cranes. They are wearing an augmented reality headset connected to a 5G device.

The demonstration shows how maintenance activities can be simplified and improved, by delivering information directly to staff when and where they need it.

The hands-free headsets are particularly suitable in hazardous environments, where health and safety is essential, and built to work with personal protective equipment such as hard hats.

The potential industry and business benefits of 5G enabled applications like this are vast, from improved operational efficiency and productivity, to fast and reliable knowledge transfer and higher employee satisfaction and engagement.

Bringing people together with 5G

The second demonstration shows a 5G immersive experience, illustrating how 5G can make virtual reality ‘boundary-less’ by allowing geographically dispersed participants to draw VR content down from the cloud.

Participants can then be connected into the same real-time, virtual presentation or training event. Only 5G can provide the connectivity needed for the content download and real time event interaction.

Immersive experiences have the potential to transform the business industry, in particularly with marketing and training initiatives. They enable companies like Belfast Harbour, with large fixed infrastructures, to bring the harbour to the customer, letting them experience the environment and services in a much more captivating and immediate way.

They can also be a powerful training tool – an immersive 360-degree experience makes the brain feel like the user has experienced a situation, creating a memory that leads to higher levels of engagement and retention.

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