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5G is creating new opportunities for people, businesses and society today. Here’s just a few of the game-chanigng innovations already making an impact.

Increasing product efficiency

With flexible production, automated logistics, connected machines and real-time data analysis, Mercedes-Benz will increase product efficiency in Germany by 15% by 2022 thanks to 5G technology and innovation.

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Lowering CO2 emissions

The Port of Livorno in Italy has been transformed by 5G, using IoT sensors to track activity and boost operational efficiencies. Annual cost savings of €2.5 million are expected, along with a 25% productivity improvement and reduction in CO2 by 8.2% per port terminal.

Real time data analysis

AE Aerospace is the UK’s first SME to deploy a 5G private network to transform manufacturing productivity and provide a better quality of service by connecting sensors and using real time data to optimise processes and equipment.

The UK’s first 5G factory

Using a 5G mobile private network to run real-time machine sensors on the production line at Worcester Bosch, 5G helped to demonstrate that up to 2% efficiency gains can be possible. These gains at the UK level would be equivalent to £2.6 billion.

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