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Andrew Horvath

Head of Precision Digital Marketing, Publicis Media UK and Head of Product, Adguru

A new digital advertising platform is offering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to connect online with relevant target audiences.

Finding the most effective ways to market products to a target audience in the current economic climate can be a challenge for smaller firms. While the social media space can be crowded and budgets tight, turning to traditional and trusted brands to advertise products could prove a safer option for SMEs.

Advertising platform reaching relevant audiences

Head of Precision Digital Marketing at Publicis Media, Andrew Horvath, believes a great opportunity lies in communicating online with audiences of the traditional and established news and magazine brands that are also regularly seen on the shelves of newsagents.

One option is through AdGuru, an online self-service advertising platform offering pay-as-you-go access to a traditional and relevant marketplace. Designed to help SMEs grow with no ad agency retainer fees, the digital solution is provided by advertising giant Publicis Media, which works with major international brands.

Horvath says: “It brings what we do for Samsung, Visa, Fiat and other massive companies to SMEs and gives them access to what the ‘big guys’ have.” While Meta and Instagram have numerous SMEs advertising on them, not everyone accesses social media, notes Horvath, explaining it’s about allowing SMEs to market themselves online with quality UK news and lifestyle magazine brands.

60% of UK SMEs currently use paid digital
advertising; of those, 63% say it provides
a good return on investment.

Good return on investment for SMEs

Many UK SMEs are currently operating against a background of increasing uncertainty. However, he believes digital advertising represents an opportunity for them to reach new audiences and grow.

Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) research shows that 60% of UK SMEs currently use paid digital advertising; of those, 63% say it provides a good return on investment. Reaching new customers, generating sales and its speed and flexibility are cited as main strengths.

“Whether a massive multinational business or a small to medium enterprise, especially in times when people are struggling, you have to cut through the noise and make your brand, services and products sing to people. That is what AdGuru is about — communicating with more people at a lower cost.”

Fast and easy-to-use platform

Horvath says AdGuru has been stripped down to simple steps where users can choose a channel, add in targeting for audiences and drill down to local areas or go UK-wide. “Monitoring our campaign was straightforward, and help was always on hand if we had questions,” reveals one customer. “The results indicate our ads were reaching the right audience, and our overall experience with AdGuru was excellent.”

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