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representing Gamma’s PSTN BigSwitchOff awareness campaign

The PSTN Switch-off is something every business owner in the UK must be aware of, so take the time to read this essential information.

The imminent Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Switch-off in the UK presents a unique opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to embrace and benefit from this landmark change — transitioning and transforming their communication strategies. However, a lot of SMEs have no idea what it is. So, what is it, and what’s changing?

Mandatory upgrade for all businesses

The PSTN is the traditional telephone network used in the UK for over a century, connecting most communication devices. It’s set to shut down in December 2025. By then, every phone line in the UK will have switched to a fully digital network using Internet Protocol (IP) over fibre optics.

This change will impact voice services as well as other devices that rely on the PSTN such as payment terminals, alarm systems and many others — and may require broadband upgrades. On top of that, most SMEs are unaware this is happening.

With this in mind, Gamma reached out to Academy Award-winning studio, Aardman, and their iconic animated character ‘Morph’ to find a unique way of raising awareness of the PSTN Switch-off. The character points out the opportunity for SMEs to transform themselves for the future.

Transformative communication opportunity for SMEs

Gamma wants to spread the word that opportunity is knocking. Yes, the PSTN Switch-off is a mandatory change for all of us in the UK — but it’s also a chance to leapfrog into a future-proofed communication ecosystem.

By taking this chance to transition to full-fibre Ethernet and cloud-based solutions, SMEs can not only enhance their operational efficiencies but also unlock new potential for growth and customer engagement. The transition to new systems can transform the customer experience, bringing about epic customer experiences (CX) for everyone interacting with a business. So, where does Morph come into spreading the word of this transformational opportunity?

Only 54% of UK businesses that will be
impacted by the 2025 PSTN Switch-Off
are aware of the discontinuation.

Getting the big message across with Morph

Morph, created by Peter Lord and David Sproxton, is one of multi-award-winning animation studio Aardman’s pioneering and simplest masterpieces. This clay character, recognised for his slapstick comedy prowess and gobbledygook language, employs alternative methods to convey messages, aptly reflecting the essence of the big Switch-off campaign.

Morph’s speciality lies in his ability to convey messages in an uncomplicated, relatable manner. His history, spanning over 40 years and marking appearances in popular TV programmes ensures that he resonates with multiple generations, especially business owners and decision-makers.

Spreading the word with a roadmap to the future

Helping SMEs with the roadmap for that journey is a big part of why we’re running this awareness campaign with Morph. Creating an effective transition plan is critical, and a lot of SMEs don’t even know they should be thinking about this. So, we’re here — with Morph’s help — to spread the word and lend a helping hand to ensure everyone, who needs to be, is aware.

Gamma’s ethos of ‘communications with a conscience’ resonates deeply with this drive to do the right thing by our industry. Morph, a character who simplifies and entertains, is the perfect face for this campaign to guide SMEs through a pivotal change with empathy and support. It’s about making sure SMEs are aware of this opportunity to step into the future.

Innovate to communicate with PTSN Switch-off

The PSTN Switch-off is coming and, for SMEs, it’s a huge opportunity to future-proof their businesses. With Morph leading the way, this journey can be less daunting and more of an exciting opportunity to embrace change. It’s about adapting to new technologies, yes, but it’s also about innovating the way we communicate and operate in a rapidly evolving digital world — just like Morph.

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