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Adam Dover

Trade & Segment Marketing Manager, Sony Professional Displays & Solutions

Employers are failing their staff with poor technology and little trust — but a better way of working is emerging.

Long days, no breaks and poor productivity have become the reality since the Covid-19 pandemic, as hybrid working and the pressure to be present at all hours have become commonplace. This ‘green tick’ culture has made hybrid working a double-edged sword. However, a better way is emerging: asynchronous work.  

Asynchronous working is the future 

Instead of working a nine-to-five, asynchronous work allows team members to be online at different times, working around their personal commitments. However, good technology and cooperation from employers are essential for asynchronous work — something many don’t have.  

According to a survey of 3,000 white-collar office workers from Sony Professional Displays and Solutions, 58% of office workers don’t believe their company has the technology needed to facilitate asynchronous work, yet only 31% go into their office to access better technology.  

This leaves a large chunk of people working from home without the resources they need to achieve their full potential, leaving employees demotivated and employers losing out. You wouldn’t expect a sprinter to win gold in wellies, so why should an employee be expected to perform with poor tech? 

Employees are making it clear: the future of work relies on putting people first.

Having the right technology 

Not only will embracing asynchronous work make current employees happier and increase efficiency, but it will help companies attract future talent in an increasingly competitive environment. Demonstrating that you trust your employees to work when they choose sends a strong signal that you value them.  

Ensuring workspaces are equipped with the right technologies is equally as critical. Yet, Sony’s survey suggests employers are failing at this, as 55% of workers believe their employers don’t trust staff to work asynchronously. Another 39% of office workers believe a ‘people first’ approach is the most important aspect of the future of work and that access to up-to-date technology for flexible working is of ‘great importance.’ 

Employees are making it clear: the future of work relies on putting people first — from trusting employees to manage their own time to giving them the tools they need. 

To read Sony’s research on asynchronous working and more, visit pro.sony

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