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Jess Hadleigh

Managing Director, Beacon Agency

It’s no secret that sustainability is increasingly important to British consumers. Education on smart technologies will be a key step in making the UK more sustainable.

According to a recent report, a third (36%) of UK consumers are committed to buying products that help them to be environmentally friendly, with a further four in five (80%) looking to purchase from a business they know are making an effort towards sustainability

Helping Britain be more sustainable

Brits in particular face a unique challenge when it comes to making our homes more energy efficient. The UK housing market is filled with older homes that are harder to make eco-efficient than building from scratch. 

This presents the opportunity for the smart home industry to help consumers make a difference. The technology is already available, so our task now is to educate consumers on using these devices to achieve their sustainability goals; and build greater trust. 

Top tips for educating the consumer:

  • Create compelling and interactive case studies that showcase your brand’s eco capabilities. Utilise existing customers: ask them for their advice for becoming greener. 
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader and provide content that goes beyond your offering. This means advice on sustainability, showcasing how your business is dedicated to helping the planet and how your devices make a difference.
  • How-to videos are the top viewed video type, making them a key tool in your arsenal. Videos that show how a consumer can create an energy-efficient home with your devices, for example, will be hugely valuable. 
  • Using gamified or interactive elements on your apps or website allow potential customers to learn in a fun way. They’re more likely to take away key education points as they give a gamified experience more focus than other forms of content.

Building trust and reputation as “sustainability advisors” is an important task for the smart tech industry, especially as we move closer to smart cities and greater emphasis is placed on environmentalism. Businesses taking the time to educate will find new customers with a shared belief in doing better by the planet.

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